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    Clio—a solution for any legal practice

    Whether you’re practicing family law, immigration law, or any other type of law, and whether you focus on one practice area or twelve—Clio has you covered. Create matter templates for the areas of law you practice in, and keep information organized and easily accessible for your clients.

    Clio also offers more best-in-class integrations than any other legal software. Connect to the solutions you already use—or find new ones to help specialize your firm’s work for specific case types.

    Explore the links below to see how Clio can help you manage legal matters for any practice area.

    • Administrative Law

      Collaborate and share information and documents with your co-counsels and clients, right in the cloud.

    • Bankruptcy Law

      Track creditors with custom details, share key documents with trustees, and stay on top of crucial dates with automated legal calendaring.

    • Business and Compliance

      With automated document creation and matter management, and integrated time tracking, calendaring, and billing, you can easily manage your firm and clients.

    • Civil Litigation Law

      Reduce the time-consuming elements of civil litigation with Clio’s simplified billing, calendaring, time tracking and more.

    • Criminal Law

      Work from the courthouse, office, or your home, and never miss a case detail or billable moment with Clio’s mobile app.

    • Elder Law

      Save time with a secure client portal that lets you share messages, matter information, and invoices with clients and caregivers.

    • Employment Law

      With centralized matter management, document generation, and time tracking and billing, stay on top of your cases and clients.

    • Estate Planning Law

      Use integrated calendaring, online payments, and cloud-based document and matter management to make the legal process easier for you and your clients.

    • Family Law

      Focus on your clients and stay on top of your firm operations with time tracking, calendaring, billing, and more.

    • Government Law

      Keep everything organized by attaching notes, documents, tasks, and contacts directly to a matter.

    • Immigration Law

      Easily collect information, generate documents, and store pertinent client information in the cloud.

    • In-House Counsel

      Create legal-specific workflows to easily demonstrate a return on investment for your business.

    • Intellectual Property Law

      Use features like automated date calculation for the USPTO and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to stay on top of deadlines, and use integrated legal research to streamline your IP practice.

    • Personal Injury Law

      With integrated contingency billing, time tracking, and invoicing on the go, you’ll be able to keep all of your finances in order at all times with Clio.

    • Real Estate Law

      With trust accounting features that make escrow a breeze, and a simple workflow for tracking and sharing disclosures, Clio provides all your real estate law essentials.

    • General Law

      Clio helps you manage your matters, client intake, billing, and more.

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