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Our friendly team of experts will set you up for success on day one. After more than a decade of helping 150,000+ legal professionals switch to Clio, we’ve seen it all.

  • Training

    We’ll provide you with free, on-demand training through our online academy, so you can start using Clio quickly. You also have the option of booking a live training session with one of our experts.

    Data migration support

    You have better things to do than manually transfer information yourself. Our Migrations Team can help transfer your data in a secure and timely manner, regardless of your current system—at no additional cost.

  • Scenario 1

    You’ve been working in spreadsheets or on paper.


    How we’ll help you

    A dedicated Migration Specialist will help assess and format your data in Excel, then we’ll upload it directly into your Clio account, so you can have everything in one place.

  • Scenario 2

    You’re moving to Clio from a server-based solution.


    How we’ll help you

    A dedicated Migration Specialist will work with you to securely transfer your data from the database to Clio, so your firm can finally access everything in the cloud.

  • Scenario 3

    You’re switching to Clio from another cloud-based solution.


    How we’ll help you

    A dedicated Migration Specialist will work with you to securely extract the data from your current software and upload it to Clio, so you can easily make the switch.

Ongoing support

We’re always in your corner. Whether you’re exploring a new feature, need a refresher, or want to troubleshoot an issue—our team is here to help.

  • Three of Clio's Support team members.

    24/5 live support

    You can talk to an expert—by phone, email, or live chat—anytime from Monday at 12 a.m. to Friday at midnight.

  • Clio Help Center interface

    Support site

    Clio’s online Help Center has the industry’s most robust set of courses, video tutorials, and digestible support articles.

  • Clio has a variety of resources including the Daily Matters Podcast and the Legal Trends Report

    Industry-leading insights

    You can take advantage of our free resources, including the annual Legal Trends Report, to set your firm up for success.

  • A Clio support agent helps a Clio Cloud Conference attendee at a computer.

    Clio Cloud Conference

    Enjoy concierge-style support, life-changing keynote speakers, and paradigm-shifting sessions at our annual Clio Cloud Conference.

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