Legal Collaboration Tools

Discover the legal collaboration tools, features, and integrations that make working remotely easier—for you, your clients, and everyone at your law firm.

Work remotely while staying connected to your firm

From managing sensitive client data to jumping on a call with a team member or client, efficient—and secure—legal collaboration tools are key to everyday firm operations.

Clio Manage Simplified UI Task Management Tasks
  • Access your firm on the go

    Update case statuses, communicate with clients and firm members, and review, share, or upload documents—all from the palm of your hand with the Clio for Law Firms and Lawyers app. 

  • Make every meeting a virtual one

    With video conferencing being the next best way to meet with team members or clients, add a unique Zoom video conferencing link and login password directly to your calendar events in Clio Manage in one click.

  • Get clarity on who is working on what

    Identify roadblocks even when you're not in the same office. Assign tasks to other team members and report on their progress with Clio Manage’s task management functionality.

Improve firm collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Depend on the best legal collaboration tools to keep every firm member connected—even while you’re apart.

Microsoft Teams Clio App Partner
  • Stay connected with everyone at your firm

    Use Microsoft Teams to easily—and securely—discuss updates, action items, questions, or blockers related to ongoing matters.

  • Create a team in one click

    Simply check a box to create a team in Microsoft Teams while you’re editing or creating a new matter in Clio Manage.

  • Access your Matter Dashboard inside Teams

    Access matter details, case statuses, notes, communications, and events - all alongside your conversations in Teams.

Simplify client collaboration

Reach clients in a way that’s easy for them—and easy for you. While everyone adapts to working virtually, make sure you keep delivering an excellent client experience.

Clio Manage Simplified UI Clio Payments Secure Payment Link
  • Offer an online, hassle-free booking process

    Reduce the friction of booking and rescheduling appointments over the phone. Offer an online booking experience instead—with payment options and automated appointment confirmations and reminders with Clio Scheduler.

  • Collaborate using a secure client-attorney app

    Enable clients to review the status of their case, upload documents, and communicate with you using Clio for Clients, our secure mobile app designed for legal clients.

  • Use electronic signatures

    Remove the need to download, print, or scan documents for signing. Review, prepare, and send out documents via email with our e-signature function.

  • Offer flexible payment options

    Forget envelopes, cheques, and office visits just to pay for your services. Send an email containing a PDF copy of an invoice and a secure payment link that allows your clients to then pay with their credit card using Clio Payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal collaboration tool?

A legal collaboration tool is often an online application that offers services that make working across a team of people easier. Common services offered are virtual conferencing, instant group messaging, and a means of sharing files across a law firm.

How can law firms collaborate remotely?

Start by equipping firm members with the right legal collaboration tools that help improve communication and visibility, and that take in-person and offline processes online (such as document and contract signing, payments, and more). Common legal collaboration tools for remote work include virtual conferencing, instant messaging, and task management.

What are popular legal collaboration tools?

Some popular legal collaboration tools include, Zoom for video conferencing, Microsoft Teams, for firm collaboration, and e-signatures for remote document signing. However, the best solution to start with is having a legal practice management software like Clio Manage. This allows firms to work and collaborate remotely by moving firm and client operations to the cloud. From there, you can start to layer on functionality like Zoom and Microsoft Teams which centralizes efforts.

How can law firms benefit from using Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams as a legal collaboration tool is best used to easily create new teams to discuss updates, action items, questions, or blockers related to your matters. The Clio for Microsoft Teams integration helps law firms stay connected and work collaboratively–especially when working remotely.

Which applications does Clio integrate with for effective legal collaboration and remote work?

Clio integrates with applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Ruby, and more. You can find all applications meant for distributed teams here in Clio’s directory of 200+ integrations.

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