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Use Clio Grow’s client intake software to engage and retain new clients in moments—in the cloud, while working from anywhere.

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Create a fast, easy intake system for your firm and clients

There’s a better way to do intake. Save time by implementing an organized, simple system to retain new clients and capture important details in a few simple clicks.

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  • Share intake forms—with ease

    Eliminate the need for paper or PDF intake forms and in-person consultations. Share a link to your intake forms on your website, or send them to clients via email or SMS; once submitted, their Contact and Matter information is automatically captured in Clio.

  • Leave spreadsheets and notepads behind

    Go paperless and eliminate tedious data entry. Institute a completely digital client intake process that saves time, reduces costs, and increases convenience.

  • Bring potential clients in from anywhere

    Let the software work for you. Whether potential clients reach you from a marketing service, referral, or your website, their information shows up automatically in Clio Grow’s Lead Inbox.

  • See the status of all incoming clients

    Monitor the status of prospective clients in Clio Grow’s Matter Pipeline. See which potential new clients need a follow-up, or which are ready to sign a retainer at a glance.

Make sure potential clients are the right fit for your law firm

Leverage modern, easy-to-use technology to facilitate vital intake functions in a quick, hassle-free manner.

  • Schedule consultations—and accept payment—online

    Make booking appointments a breeze for you and your clients with Clio Scheduler. Combine Scheduler with Clio Payments (Clio Manage) to accept instant online payments for consultations.

  • Quickly check for duplicate clients and conflicts of interest

    Search for incoming clients that already do business with your firm, or any connections that might cause a conflict of interest.

  • Concentrate on the most promising opportunities

    Personalize your public client intake forms with custom fields to ensure you’re consulting with your best-fit clients.

Retain clients while working remotely

Manage seamless client intake no matter where you or your prospects are located.

  • Move clients through the client intake process efficiently

    Automate the creation of to do lists, documents, and emails—digitally, with visibility across your firm.

  • Get e-signatures on retainer agreements

    Generate retainer documents automatically and send them out for quick and easy e-signatures that don’t require any mailing, faxing, or in-person meetups.

  • Sync instantly with practice management software

    Once client intake is complete, transfer documents, notes, events, intake form details, and related contacts into Clio Manage—immediately—in the cloud.

  • Learn where to improve your client intake process

    Track data to see which different practice areas and sources bring you clients—and which ones result in the most business for your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is client intake software?

Client intake software automates and organizes the client intake process. This includes collecting information on potential new clients, making sure they’re a good fit for your law firm, scheduling consultations and other client intake meetings, and retaining them as a paying client.

What does Clio's client intake software look like to a potential new client?

Your potential new clients interact with public online intake forms, consultation meeting invites, and emails follow-ups that are generated by our client intake software.

I already use a spreadsheet for client intake. Why use client intake software?

Client intake software makes the law firm client intake process more efficient by automating many of the steps in the intake journey, as well as organizing potential new client information in a way that’s easy for lawyers to track.

Clio’s client intake software does this specifically through eliminating data entry, creating a structured sales process, providing a system for automated reminders and client followup, tracking client referrals, and more.

Clio’s client intake software also integrates with Clio Manage, our legal practice management software, so you can manage the full client journey from intake to invoice.

What happens when a potential new client becomes a client?

Once a potential new client has been retained, you can easily transfer their details from Clio Grow to Clio Manage, our legal practice management software.

Can I reuse client intake forms and documents?

Yes! You can create templates to be repurposed. For example, if you’ve created a client intake form for a specific practice area, you’ll be able to repurpose it to make the process even more efficient. You can create intake form templates in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

Can I get a report of all incoming potential new clients?

Yes! Our client intake software gives an overview of all incoming matters. This is organized by client intake stage and lead source (how they found you), so you know which clients require follow-up, and where they’re coming from.

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