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Don’t have time to start from scratch? Clio Draft’s certified legal experts can design your templates on the platform, while you spend time working with clients and focusing on billable matters.

Enjoy peace of mind when getting started with automated templates.
Hit the ground running with templates based on your requirements.
Custom price estimates for documents.
Get value for intelligent document drafting.

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Christy Granieri

Clio Draft saves me from having to hire staff. On a weekly basis I’m probably saving 4-5 hours (of attorney time) so we are not searching around trying to find the right form. It saves us 16-20 hours a month.

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Clio Draft Template Exchange
  • Gain access to Clio Draft’s Template Exchange

    As a bonus, document automation users gain free access to Clio Draft’s growing library of ready-to-use, jurisdiction-specific documents in the Template Exchange platform.

  • Use onboarding tools suited for all firms

    From how-to videos and on-demand webinars to personalized sessions, our onboarding process accommodates a variety of learning styles for firms of all sizes and needs.

  • Uncover areas to grow

    Start by automating some of the projects you work on most frequently, and build from there. Keep it simple at first and then add more projects later once you’re comfortable.

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Why Use Clio Draft to Create Automated Legal Templates?

  • Lawyaw More Time Icon

    Gain more time

    Reduce time spent on routine drafting by 80%

  • Lawyaw Repetitive Work Icon

    Eliminate repetitive work

    Stop retyping data and copy-pasting text. Auto-populate sets of forms with client and matter data instantly

  • Lawyaw Remote Workflows Icon

    Access workflows remotely

    Cloud-based software works from anywhere. No installation required

  • Lawyaw Advanced Features Icon

    Implement advanced features

    Use conditions-based logic to adjust pronouns, verb, or add/remove clauses

  • Lawyaw Customize Icon

    Customize sets of forms

    Add custom fields, auto-shrink text, and pre-save sets of forms in a fraction of time

  • Lawyaw eSign Icon

    Send docs for signature electronically

    Select documents, add signees, review package, and send to client for eSign in a few clicks

Make legal drafting quick and easy

Stop worrying about errors and delays caused by manual, tedious work. Let Clio Draft build easy-to-use legal templates for you.

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