Admission to the bar.

Clio has earned the approval of bar associations and law societies around the world.

Clio Law Software - Bar Associations

An exercise in collaboration.

Clio was produced with the cooperation and advice of bar associations and law societies across North America with the goal of creating an easy-to-use, intuitive, web-based practice management system. Clio’s core functionality delivers the tools lawyers and law firms need to run a truly successful practice: calendaring, timekeeping, note-taking, document management, trust accounting, managing retainers, and billing.

Today, over 66 bars from across the United States recommend and offer Clio as a benefit to their members. Here’s what bar leaders have said.

As the legal profession continues to undergo vast change, technology like Clio can help attorneys to better manage their practices and serve their clients.

David Schraver photo
David M. Schraver
New York State Bar Association

Clio will enable our members to access and manage their practices wherever they are working through a variety of technology platforms. That’s a real advantage in today’s fast-paced legal world.

Carol Marx photo
Carol Seubert Marx
Ohio State Bar Association

After a thorough evaluation of cloud-based law practice management providers, the D.C. Bar and its Membership Committee chose Clio to offer its 100,000+ members a way to run their law practices through a platform that promotes productivity. We are hopeful that members will agree with our findings that Clio offers secure, cost-effective applications which allow the attorney to focus on their primary discipline: the practice of law.

Dominick Alcid photo
Dominick Alcid
D.C. Bar

Clio provides document management, bank grade security, timekeeping, simplified billing, task scheduling and is 100% web based. This will be a true benefit to our members.

Meg Wickham photo
Meg Wickham
Kansas Bar Association

Law Practice Management is a major focus of the Arkansas Bar Association, and we strive to provide more resources for our members to assist in their practice. Clio provides excellent products and services for law offices including instant access from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Karen Hutchins photo
Karen K. Hutchins
Arkansas Bar Association

Clio’s service is secure, easy to use and affordable, and will support our members in practicing efficiently and effectively without large investments in software and hardware.

Loretta Larsen photo
Loretta Larsen
Louisiana State Bar Association

In this day and age when attorneys are watching their bottom lines very closely and practicing more efficiently is a must, this offers an effective practice management system at an affordable rate.

Linda Oligschlaeger photo
Linda Oligschlaeger
Missouri Bar

The Clio and Fastcase integration is a game-changer. Lawyers will be better able to organize and link their research to matters, and will have vastly improved abilities to track the time they are investing in legal research.

Erik Mazzone photo
Erik Mazzone
North Carolina Bar Association

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