We’re transforming an age-old industry

Over the past decade, Clio’s goal has grown from providing affordable legal practice management technology to lawyers to making a lasting impact on the legal profession with a suite of legal technology solutions.

Our mission

  • Produced with the cooperation and advice of bar associations and law societies worldwide, Clio delivers all the features and integrations that law firms need to run a successful practice. Through our products—and by supporting countless educational industry events—Clio is committed to its mission:

    Transform the practice of law, for good.

  • Our story

  • Clio founders

    Clio (Themis Solutions Inc.) was launched in 2008 by lifelong friends Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau with the goal of delivering cloud-based legal technologies that improve the quality of practice for lawyers around the world. From our award-winning support team to our best-in-class design and development organization, Clio’s industry-leading team is the legal technology leader.

    Clio serves the needs of over 150,000 legal professionals in 90 countries with teams in five global offices (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Dublin), bringing even more ground-breaking initiatives to the legal profession.

  • What we believe

  • Team Lunch Lounge

    Building an exceptional company culture takes work, but it’s work we believe pays huge dividends. Every day we work to create a scalable culture that is both human and high-performing: we believe we can have both, without sacrificing one for the other. Our teams are made stronger by diversity, and we aim for culture-add, not just culture fit.

    We walk the walk when it comes to safe spaces. We launched a company-wide Inclusion Survey to benchmark how we’re doing, and we’re committed to not only listening, but acting on the results. Our dedicated Employee Resource Group supporting Diversity and Inclusion keeps us focused on important conversations and tangible improvements, and we’re proud of the employee-founded LGBTQ2+ community meetup group, Launching Into Tech.

  • Curious to know more?

    We’d love to hear your questions and comments. Please reach out to us to learn more about Clio.

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