Clio Named One of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People in 2024

Clio recognized as Top Employer for Young People 2024

Clio has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, championing top tier career development opportunities for the next generation of talent

Today marks Clio’s fifth consecutive inclusion in Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, a prestigious editorial competition acknowledging organizations that provide outstanding workplaces and initiatives for young professionals. This achievement reflects our commitment to distinctive leadership development and employee engagement, contributing significantly to Clio’s expansion to over 1,000 employees, globally.

Katie Koleszar, Senior Director of Employee Success at Clio, emphasized the importance of establishing supportive frameworks for young professionals early in their careers. She noted, “Fostering an environment conducive to the growth and development of young talent is pivotal for our long-term success. Our distinctive culture empowers our younger employees to thrive, succeed, and evolve in their roles, presenting avenues for assuming new responsibilities throughout their Clio Path. A career at Clio also enables young professionals to make a real impact towards our collective mission—which for many is a career defining opportunity.”

Clio’s culture is intentionally designed for our human and high performing workplace, creating a nurturing and connected environment. We invest in our future leaders through customized leadership development programs, an in-house career coach, and a culture that embraces multi-directional feedback.

In addition to our dynamic company culture, this award celebrates our dedication for setting new employees up for success. Our onboarding program, which lasts six weeks to three months, ensures new employees integrate effectively into our company by fostering connections among colleagues, and committing time to learn how we work collaboratively. New hires engage in Basecamp Essentials, a condensed version of Clio’s three-month leadership development program emphasizing core skills like feedback and communication. We also host quarterly two-day hackathons, encouraging employees to collaborate in teams and creatively address chosen problems, even if unrelated to work.

This recent honor adds to our list of recognitions, reinforcing our position as a leading employer.  We are proud to be named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2024 and further recognized by Fast Company, Waterstone Capital, YWCA, Eluta, and Deloitte for our exceptional corporate culture, innovative programs, industry leadership, and top-tier management.

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