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Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Build strong relationships with current and potential new clients with efficient and organized processes. Make sure no client, communication, or opportunity to grow falls through the cracks with powerful legal CRM software.

Onboard and manage clients with ease

Use Clio’s legal CRM software to onboard clients into an engaging relationship from day one.

Clio Grow Matter Pipeline
  • Know the status of every client at a glance

    See the current status of each potential or retained client. Get an overview of their contact and matter details from an easy-to-understand dashboard.

  • Organize contacts with customizable tags

    Tag and categorize potential clients, existing clients, and professional contacts in our legal CRM software, so you can find who you need, when you need them.

  • Cut down on consultation no-shows

    Simplify the appointment scheduling process and automate sending appointment reminders to clients.

Make great client experiences your differentiator

Turn every potential client into a referral, a good review, and more business for your law firm.

  • Never miss a client follow-up

    Use our legal CRM software to automatically create tasks and reminders that will ensure you’re keeping clients in the loop at every stage of their client intake journey.

  • Impress with seamless client engagement

    Build a CRM workflow that’s easy for you and your clients, including customized online intake forms, instant document creation, and e-signatures.

  • Run automated email campaigns

    Create tailored, multi-step email campaigns that engage your new and incoming clients through the client intake process.

Get actionable insights on how to grow your firm

Get easy-to-understand reporting from our legal CRM software. See how your law firm’s marketing and business development efforts are performing.

  • Get an overview of incoming clients

    Convert more clients using our legal CRM software. See where in the intake process each potential new client is at using a visualized ‘Matter Pipeline’ and get updates as they progress to being a case.

  • Recognize your high value clients

    Know the incoming number and value of new clients, broken down by practice area.

  • Know where to market your firm

    Know where new clients are learning about your firm so you can focus your marketing efforts. Get a report on who referred new clients to your firm, and how their referrals translated into retained clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal CRM software?

Legal client relationship management (CRM) software helps law firms manage business development functions such as client intake, client scheduling and follow-up, revenue tracking, and more. 

In short, legal CRM software addresses the client intake process of turning potential new clients into retained clients.

Who at my firm will use legal CRM the most?

Anyone can benefit from legal CRM software as it assists with potential client data collection, intake form creation, client and lawyer appointment and reminder scheduling, and task assignment. Based on the size of your firm and role specializations, that could include administrative and support staff, lawyers, and firm owners.

What's the difference between legal CRM software and spreadsheets?

Legal CRM software is a specific database made for client management, and it is organized in a way so that it’s easily accessed, managed, and updated.  Legal CRM software has additional features such as a calendar for scheduling appointments, and online intake forms you can send to clients.

What can Clio's legal CRM automate and streamline?

Our legal CRM software automates day-to-day client management tasks such as follow-up scheduling, data entry, document generation, and more. 

What happens when a potential client becomes a client?

We offer an end-to-end solution to managing and growing your firm. Once a client is secured, you can seamlessly transition their case information into our legal case management software.

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