Catherine Merino Reisman

Reisman Carolla Gran LLP

Ten years ago, a newly solo Special Needs Attorney took a chance on a brand new practice management software. See how we’ve grown together throughout the years.

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Daniel Gershburg

Gershburg Law, P.C.

For New York real estate and bankruptcy attorney Daniel Gershburg, working harder and smarter than the competition is critical to survival. See how Clio helps.

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Scott Ashby

Ashby Law

With more than 500 active clients across 3 locations every month, Ashby Law focuses on delivering excellent client service that emphasizes long-term solutions that work for everyone involved. See how Clio helps.

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Scott Ashby, Ashby Law

Shuaib Ahmed

ASA Law Group

For holistic law firm ASA Law Group, practicing law means offering both staff and clients the flexibility they need to find success—and they’re enjoying rapid growth as a result. See how Clio is playing a part.

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Justin Brooks and Michael Semanchik

California Innocence Project

The California Innocence Project fights tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted from California prisons. See how Clio helps them track over 2,000 requests each year—and how they’re succeeding.

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Patrick Palace and Jordan Couch

Palace Law

Palace Law is focused on improving the practice of law through technology. See how Clio helps.

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Customer Success Stories

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Clio provides an easy to use and inexpensive firm management program that new employees can use proficiently in under one hour of training.
Myron Steeves Church Law Center
Advanced and intuitive legal management software created for those that are ahead of the curve. Clio remains innovative to the benefit of the client.
Kassandra Gonzalez Whitlock & Gray, LLC
How Tara Burd Grew a $1 Million Law Firm
Learn how
Helping Clients Through Hardships While Running a Profitable Firm
Read Katy's story
We have 13 affiliated offices and thousands of clients and Clio has been instrumental in helping us provide the best representation possible for each and every one of them.
Bradford W. Botes Bond & Botes
Making it in the Big City with Clio
See how
Clio has greatly improved our efficiency and organization, particularly in terms of client communication.
photo of Jaime Langton
Jaime Langton Gonzales, Gonzales & Gonzales
Clio has saved me a great deal of time and aggravation in practice management, making the practice of law more enjoyable.
Doug Foote
Doug Foote Sparkman + Foote LLP
How Clio Helps Serve Those Who Have Served
Learn more
Clio is a user-friendly and cost-effective law firm management tool ideal for the small firm. Whether utilized for document management, calendaring events, keeping time, accounting or client billing, Clio is the engine that makes our small firm run.
Michael J. Hinkle photo
Michael J. Hinkle Timmerman, Beaulieu, Hinkle & Esworthy, LLC
How Root & Rebound is Making an Impact With Clio
Learn more
If you want to capture more billable time, reduce administrative waste time, and be on the edge of technological innovation, Clio is the answer.
Heather McCabe McCabe Russell
Clio's First Customer: How Catherine Merino Reisman Has Grown Over 10 Years
See how
Although there are several cloud based systems, Clio is more receptive to user suggestions and understands the work flow needs of modern law firms.
photo of Bryan Cooke
Bryan Cooke Dunkiel Saunders
Bend Law Weighs the Cost of Accepting Payment by Credit Card
See Doug's story
Clio is an answered prayer. It has increased my organization and productivity substantially.
Nancy Stabell - Clio customer
Nancy Stabell Wood Stabell Law Group
Ashby Law: Adopting Clio at a Mid-Sized Firm
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How Clio Helps Two Edinburgh Lawyers Practice Flexibly
See Emma and Cathy's story
During our first year as a firm, we quickly realized we needed assistance in managing our cases and trusts. Clio has been the perfect solution.
photo of John Creagar
John M. Creager Creagar & Thurmond
How Nicholas Hite Manages 160 Open Cases With Clio
See how
Clio is the perfect way for me to capture my billable hours as painlessly as possible.
Customer - Regina M Banis
Regina Banis Regina M. Banis, LLC
How ASA Law Group Grew Revenues 1400% With Clio
See how
Clio is the best client management software for smaller firms.
photo of Matthew Silva for Clio
Matthew Silva Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC
Clio keeps our fast-moving law firm on the same page, no matter who is or isn't in the office.
photo of Annika Bockius-Suwyn
Annika Bockius-Suwyn DangerLaw, LLC
Palace Law: Increasing Revenues by 76% with Clio as a Central Platform
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"Having unlimited cloud storage and instantaneous access via the mobile app has changed my practice for the better in so many ways."
photo of Patrick Taggart
Patrick Taggart II Larowe Gerlach Taggart LLP
How Vela Wood Uses Clio to Manage Cases While Traveling the World
See how
I needed a technology solution that was cloud-based and efficient for the administrative side of the business. Clio has been exactly what I needed for the efficient maintenance of contact, timekeeping and billing.
photo of William Barrett
William Barrett Barrett Law Offices, PLLC
Clio is an awesome cloud-based software solution that gives you insight into how well your firm is doing. It's a one stop shop for your back office.
Daniel Gershburg
Daniel Gershburg Gershburg Law P.C.
How the California Innocence Project Is Changing Lives with Clio
See how
The best thing about Clio is their commitment to constantly improving their product. I know that Clio will be better next year than it is today, and it's damn good now.
Greg McLawsen, Sound Immigration
Greg McLawsen Sound Immigration
How Family Law Attorney Jennifer Reynolds Serves Clients with Clio
Read Jennifer's story
Clio has helped my law firm triple in size in the past 2 years—I now manage 10 employees and over 300 cases, all with Clio!
Otis Landerholm
Otis Landerholm Landerholm Immigration
I can't say enough about the progressive and innovative work that Clio does to make its platform accessible, keep its clients (i.e. lawyers) happy, and help lawyers to interact with their clients in real time and in an efficient manner.
Ron Franklin
Ron Franklin Franklin Law
How Treblaw LLC Grew Revenues 91% With Clio
See Chris's story
Clio took our firm into a new age of practice management and we feel like a new firm. We communicate better with our clients, we lose fewer billable hours, and we can work on-the-go, which is important for firms with lawyers who waste countless hours waiting around courthouses.
Clinton J. Hubbell photo
Clinton J. Hubbell Hubbell DuVall PLLC
Clio's easy-to-use customizations, speed, and integrated invoice to payment solutions reduce administrative tasks that get in the way of practicing law.
James Moriarty Friedman Law Firm
How Family Lawyer Benjamin S. Lee Builds Relationships With Clio
Read Benjamin's story
How Immigration Attorney Jessica Yañez Finds a Recipe for Innovation In Clio
Read Jessica's story
After evaluating several different practice management systems, our firm started working with Clio. Clio has been a great asset for our firm. It is easy to use for our less tech-savvy users and has a lot of goodies for those that really want to dig deeper into the system.
Christine Cooper photo
Christine Cooper Koehler Fitzgerald LLC
How Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Guest Delivers Justice from a Smartphone With Clio
Read Robert's story
When I decided to take my law practice full-time a friend referred me to Clio. My practice took off and I never looked back. It has everything I need to manage my practice in the office or on the go.
Alexis Hart McDowell photo
Alexis Hart McDowell The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell
Clio not only saves me time, but it saves my clients time and money, too—a true win-win!
Ron Payne
Ron Payne Payne Law PLLC
Clio is a fabulous tool to keep my practice organized and informed; my entire staff can know the status of a case whether in the office, the courthouse, or at home.
Jennifer Shaw
Jennifer Shaw The Shaw Law Group
How Attorney Andrew Legrand Maximizes Efficiency With Clio
Read Andrew's story
When you think about waking up, going to work, and dealing with clients, Clio makes that process less daunting. Clio not only helps me, but makes my clients happy.
Janet Gemmell
Janet Gemmell Cape Fear Family Law
Clio enabled me to start my firm when I thought it would be impossible.
Stephany Eckart
Stephany Eckart Modern Law
We can better serve our clients by easily giving them secure access to their cases through Clio Connect. This helps them feel more involved, as opposed to always wondering what their lawyers are doing.
photo of Jay Stefani
Jay Stefani Levinson and Stefani
Scott Ashby and Tyler Ashby
Ashby Law
See how switching to Clio improved client value and satisfaction for 38 staff at this three-location family law firm.
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Regardless of the area of law you practice in or the size of your firm, Clio is hands down your best choice for Practice Management software.

photo of Michael Craig
Michael Craig
Law Office of Michael Craig

If it's not in Clio, it didn't happen. I don't understand how anyone could run a successful law practice without Clio.

photo of Katy Young
Katy Young
Ad Astra Law Group

Clio is an incredibly powerful tool for all aspects of your law practice, but unlike many other powerful tools, it can be streamlined down so that even the most technophobic user can leverage its features and integrations to get more done better.

letters SM
Saleem Mamdani
Lewis & Longlett

Clio is a beautifully and thoughtfully designed case management program, with wonderfully responsive support. Clio helps me be a better attorney.

photo of Tom Stubbs
Tom Stubbs
Stubbs Law

Clio is hands-down the best practice management system available for today's modern law firm. As a value-add, it is a must for any law practice.

photo of Matthew J. Tuller
Matthew J. Tuller
The Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller

Clio is the best integrated law practice management software available today. I use it in my firm, I teach it to my law school students, and I recommend it to everyone who asks.

photo of Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen
Pedersen Law

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