What our customers have to say about Clio

Elevator Law

Elevator Law

How a solo lawyer reimagined small town law with Clio

With Clio, Elevator Law’s employees work seamlessly in a distributed environment while saving time by automating routine tasks. Learn more about their Clio journey…

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Taylor & Blair Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP

Stuck Using Server-Based Software? Clio Makes the Switch Easy and Painless

David A. Goldberg, Partner, at Taylor & Blair LLP knows the pain of using out-dated software. When he signed on with the firm, the…

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Colorado Legal Group Case Study Header

To Run a High Performing Law Firm, You Need Technology that Scales

US Legal Groups oversees three subsidiary firms with employees in three different states, many working remotely over 50% of the time. Since adopting Clio,…

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Ledger Square Law

How Ledger Square Law Said “No” to $50,000 in Offsite Document Storage

Jason Whalen’s previous firm spent over $50,000 on offsite document storage—and still struggled with clutter. With Clio, he knew he could do it differently.

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Tatevik Gasparyan

Gasparyan Law Firm, APC

How a solo practitioner increased leads by 70%—and cut admin time by 90%—with Clio

With Clio, solo practitioner Tatevik Gasparyan increased her leads by 70% and cut administrative time by 90%. Learn more about how she’s achieved these…

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Evolve Family Law

6 Ways Clio Helps Evolve Family Law Build its Business

Beau Atkins, CEO at Evolve Family Law, had used Clio at a previous firm and saw its potential in helping him start his own…

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