How the Dross Law firm generated nearly $500K in their first year with Clio

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Arique Dross III Esq, LLM, Founder, Managing Attorney

The Dross Law Firm

  • 2022

    Year Founded
  • 2-5

    Number of Staff
  • 2022

    Started Using Clio
  • New York, NY, USA

  • Flat Fee


    Fee Types
  • Criminal Defence


    Practice Areas

Impact of using Clio

  • Illustration of stylized 2x

    Doubled the number of clients

  • Illustration of a person pumping up a dollar sign balloon with air

    Generated nearly $500K in revenue

  • How many hours to lawyers work?

    Reduced intake from 2 hours to 30 minutes

Arique Dross III, Founder and Managing Attorney at the Dross Law Firm

The Dross Law Firm offers services related to family law and criminal law with a focus in child welfare. Having lived his own experiences within both foster care and the criminal justice system, Arique became a lawyer to help parents and children during the most difficult times of their lives.

After working for the government, Arique knew that he didn’t want to be bound by red tape, and that he wanted to instead focus more on doing what’s right for families and their children. Now, working as his own boss, his biggest challenge is managing his clients, his time, and his calendar—and finding ways to balance work with family life. This is where Clio helps.


Arique Dross III Esq, LLM, Founder, Managing Attorney

“I would absolutely recommend Clio to any attorney because of how easy it is to use. It simplifies your law firm practice and makes it less stressful. Clio is the system for that, and it works.”

How Clio helped


Ad hoc case notes to comprehensive case management

“Before Clio, everything was manual. I had a Word document. I would add court entries. I would log notes and billable hours. It was very time consuming. I struggled to manage 40 or 50 cases at a time. Now, because of how automated, efficient, and easy Clio is, I’m able to manage 80 or 90 cases at a time.”

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Inefficient billing to automated billing

“I had a table in a Word document where I entered the date, the activity, and the time. I had to manually add it up, and then double and triple check. It was very hectic when billing for a lot of clients. Now, I save two to four hours per client because everything’s in one system. Everything is very organized.”

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No intake system to simple, straightforward intake tools

“Before Clio Grow, my intake would take one or two hours. Now, it takes maybe 30 minutes.” With Clio Grow, Arique has all of the intake forms and retainer agreements on hand whenever someone reaches out with an emergency.

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Arique Dross III Esq, LLM, Founder, Managing Attorney

“Clients will reach out in a state of emergency. They need things done fast. And that’s what Clio does. It gets things done quickly and efficiently. I’m able to gather information and also provide what the client needs immediately.”

Additional benefits to using Clio


Practicing on the go with Clio’s mobile app

Arique can access everything in Clio from his phone, log time entries, update calendars, send secure messages to clients, and more.
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“You enter something in the app, and it saves it to Clio. Whatever I put into the phone is right there on my laptop.”

Products Used by Dross Law Firm

Clio Manage

Cloud-based legal practice management software that lets you run your firm, organize cases, and collaborate with clients from one place. Learn more.

Clio Grow

Client intake software that organizes and automates your system for incoming clients. Learn more.

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