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What is small law firm software?

Small law practice management software is a platform to help small law firms manage and organize their practices. From document storage to automated end-to-end billing, this software will help you focus on your clients and their needs while spending less time on administrative work.

What law practice management software is best for a small law firm?

Clio is widely considered the leading case management solution with a rating of 4.5/5 or higher on G2 Crowd,, Capterra, and Lawyerist.

Our software is also trusted by over 150,000 legal professionals and approved by over 90+ bar associations and law societies worldwide including all 50 US states.

It is the go-to solution for small firm lawyers thanks to integrating with tools you are using, billing automation, and improved collaboration, as well as outstanding customer support.

What software do small law firms use?

Small firms typically use a few different types of software to run their firms. Your chosen legal software suite is the central and most important piece of the tech stack, but lawyers also use accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online or Xero, document software such as Microsoft Word, and an email provider such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Small firm practitioners may also use tools like virtual receptionists or virtual assistants to help manage administrative work.

For small law firms, it’s best if all your tools integrate and share case and contact information, to reduce workload and risk of error. The Clio App Directory has over 200 integrations to explore, so you can find out how it will integrate with the tools you are currently using.

How do I choose small law firm software?

The needs of small law firms differ from that of larger law firms, and your law firm software should be designed with this in mind. Selecting the best law practice management software for your firm is simple once you consider your specific needs.

Because small law firms have limited time for chasing payments, choosing software with a powerful time and expense tracking feature is important. Small law firms may also prioritize automating other administrative duties to make more time for billable tasks. Thankfully, Clio’s software is also scalable, growing with you as your needs and your business expand.

How do you manage a small law firm?

Successfully managing a small law firm means hiring the right people in the right roles, creating clear procedures, and developing a strong brand. Learn more in this guide to managing a small law firm.

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