Seamlessly integrate Clio with hundreds of leading applications.

The Clio Marketplace allows you to add additional functionality to your Clio account in collaboration with other popular legal apps.

Clio Legal Apps: Marketplace

All your organizational needs in sync.

A natural fit for every law firm—sync Clio with Google or Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise accounts. Link key business tools such as contacts, documents and calendars with Clio to instantly reduce data entry, minimize errors, and simplify law firm organization.

Clio Legal Apps: Office365 Logo
Clio Legal Apps: Zapier Integration

Powerful legal technology, with a little help from our friends.

For all of Clio’s Boutique and Elite plan customers, Zapier makes it easy to connect Clio to hundreds of web services. Save time and improve productivity by automating tedious tasks so that you don’t have to do them one by one every time.

Customized solutions

Every law firm is unique. That’s why we’ve designed the app so that our Boutique and Elite plan customers can customize their Clio experience. Need to connect Clio to proprietary firm software? No problem! We’re also happy to introduce you to a Clio Certified Consultant.

Clio Legal Apps: Customize

See all the apps that work with Clio.

Clio Legal Apps: AgileLaw logo

A paperless deposition solution that enables attorneys to manage the entire deposition process by replacing stacks of printed document exhibits with a tablet device.

Clio Legal Apps: Alt Legal Logo
Alt Legal

Alt Legal automates administrative and repetitive work for IP professionals, streamlining client intake and automatically generating USPTO filings, dockets trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Clio Legal Apps: Apptoto Logo

Apptoto’s rule-based appointment messaging platform reduces client no-shows and increases revenue by automatically sending voice,text, and email messages to your clients before and after their appointments.

Clio Legal Apps: Box Logo

A popular document management application, Box balances ease of use with a high level of security so that you can quickly upload, store, and share documents on the go.

Clio Legal Apps: BundleDocs Logo

Bundledocs allows you effortlessly prepare superb professional briefs, bundles or eBooks in minutes.

Clio Legal Apps: CaseMail Logo

U.S. Courts approved CaseMail provides on-demand, service-by-mail for Bankruptcy Notices, Proof of Service Notices; as well as all other legal notices required to be sent via the United States Postal Service.

Clio Legal Apps: Chrometa Logo.

Chrometa captures every minute of your day for you (without you having to start and stop a timer, or remembering to enter it into Clio). From computer-based time like email and web research, to smartphone calls, it's all captured passively for you with Chrometa's time trackers for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Clio Legal Apps: Clause Logo

Clause is the world’s first smart legal contracting and contract management solution. Connect your contracts to a variety of data sources and systems, and access real-time information about the state of contracts, monitor progress, and automate contract administration.

Clio Legal Apps: ClickToFile Logo
Click to File Timer

Work on your computer without worrying about tracking every minute of your time. Just enter your time at the end of the day directly into Clio.

Clio Legal Apps: ClickToFile Logo
Click to File for Outlook/Mac Mail

An Outlook/Mac-Mail add-in that allows you to effortlessly file all of your emails with Clio based on their matter number—in just two mouse clicks.

Clio Legal Apps: CloudMask Logo

CloudMask protects lawyers from data breaches with invisible, policy-driven client-side encryption and masking for sensitive fields like PII, communications and documents. Countering hackers and back-door entry channels at cloud data storage providers, CloudMask delivers confidence, confidentiality, and customer privacy. If the cloud vendor is breached, masked data remains protected, and immune to data breach notification regulations.
CloudMask protects lawyers and their clients from the effects of cloud data breaches.

Clio Legal Apps: CourtTrax Logo

CourtTrax integrates the latest court filings with Clio client matters - allowing for automated case and name searches, and alerts. Firms can conduct business development, customer retention, due diligence, and case management functions all through one platform.

Clio Legal Apps: DCS Logo
Directive Communications Systems

Created for Trust and Estate professionals and other personal representatives, Directive Communication Systems (DCS) organizes and handles a client’s personal online and offline accounts and directives in line with their last wishes -- all from one platform. Account updates are automatically captured, keeping portfolios current.

Clio Legal Apps: DirectLaw Logo

A virtual law firm platform that turns your website into an interactive, online law practice.

Clio Legal Apps: DocketAlarm Logo
Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm tracks court cases, sends alerts of new litigation activity, and automates the checking of court dockets for your firm.

Clio Legal Apps: DomainSkate Logo

A comprehensive brand protection system that lets attorneys monitor their clients’ trademarks, names and brands online. DomainSkate also provides an interactive dashboard and custom reports identifying suspect activity with links to websites, registration information, and updates. The first brand or mark you wish to protect is free.

Clio Legal Apps: DropBox Logo

One of the most popular document storage applications, Dropbox lets you upload and share files with your clients from anywhere.

Clio Legal Apps: DivorceHelp123 Logo

Colorado Family Law firms and their clients can collaborate online from any device to easily generate Colorado’s Sworn Financial Statement, Child Support Worksheet, and Spousal Maintenance Worksheet. They can also perform specialized calculations and generate reports only found in 123 such as a Child Support Scenario Comparison Report.

Clio Legal Apps: Fastcase Logo

The leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.

Clio Legal Apps: Filepilot Logo

Know your filings are completed correctly and delivered successfully with FilePilot, the intuitive e-filing solution designed specifically for lawyers and legal professionals. This Clio integration lets you spend more time working on your cases and less time worrying about your legal submissions.

Clio Legal Apps: Fundbox Logo

The easiest and fastest ways to get an advance on your outstanding invoices in Clio. Stop waiting to get paid and take control of your cash flow today.

Clio Legal Apps: InfoTrack Logo

InfoTrack is a user-friendly search tool that helps firms conduct property, company, and personal searches up to 30% faster. Find critical information to ensure you’re always informed and increase profitability, productivity, and growth from a single login.

Clio Legal Apps: Intake123 Logo

Convert more web visitors and initial consults to clients by making the best possible first impression. Intake123’s design-your-own drag-and-drop online form designer (with thousands of Standard Questions, Section Templates, and Form Templates for dozens of practice areas) eliminates the need for custom programming to make and update online intake forms

Clio Legal Apps: Uptime JurisPage Logo

JurisPage provides professional, mobile-ready law firm websites fully integrated with Clio. A JurisPage-powered website streamlines your lead generation and collection process by automatically creating new client contacts in Clio from your contact form submissions.

Clio Legal Apps: Lawlytics Logo

LawLytics is the latest, high-tech way to attract a steady stream of high-quality referral sources and new clients to your law firm’s website, without wasting your time or budget. Unlike marketing agencies, LawLytics adapts as your firm’s needs evolve. Unlike general website software, our system was built for lawyers, so you won’t struggle or miss a valuable opportunity for business.

Clio Legal Apps: Lawpay Logo

LawPay is the only end to end credit card payment processor specifically tailored for the legal industry. Via their integration with Clio, clients can quickly and easily pay invoices online—getting you paid faster.

Clio Legal Apps: Legalist Logo

Legalist is the easiest and fastest way to get litigation financing for commercial cases, providing online litigation financing for you and your client. From monthly legal bills to expert witness fees, Legalist helps your client pay for litigation—with no obligation for repayment unless your case wins.

Clio Legal Apps: LegalNature Logo
LegalNature Pro

LegalNature Pro is a web-based, document assembly platform that enables precise document gathering, tracking, and creation. An intuitive, step-by-step process guides users in the creation of documents - leaving no scope for error and creating precise documents speedily the first time around.

Clio Legal Apps: Lexicata Logo

Lexicata is the only cloud-based CRM and client intake system designed exclusively for small law firms. It brings each step of the client intake process online to reduce data entry and increase efficiency.

Clio Legal Apps: My Legal Briefcase Logo
My Legal Briefcase

A small claims document and scheduling system that provide clients with a streamlined solution for their legal practices. Through My Legal Briefcase, clients will have access to court forms and documents as well as features that will allow them to set up new case files in My Legal Briefcase and link them to their Clio account.

Clio Legal Apps: NetDocuments Logo

Create, secure, manage, access, and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Clio Legal Apps: NextChapter Logo

NextChapter is a cloud-based application created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys. NextChapter allows you to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases online, and integrates fully with Clio to eliminate repeat data entry. Streamline the bankruptcy process by using an intuitive online system, and increase overall efficiency with these practice-specific functionalities.


Create estimates and invoices, pay employees, file taxes, and more. Because Quickbooks Online is cloud-based, all you need is your smartphone and Internet access.


PieSync automatically syncs your contacts between Clio and your most-used apps. Stop entering your important contact information in more than one place and risking errors or confusion. Every time you add or update a contact in Clio, it is automatically reflected as a contact in your other, chosen app.

Clio Legal Apps: Primafacie Logo

PrimaFacie streamlines document automation and form creation for immigration lawyers, while integrating fully with Clio. PrimaFacie provides a full library of U.S. Immigration Forms that autofill, while also containing a number of immigration case management features, such as an I-94 data import tool, that easily syncs client information to your cases in Clio.

Clio Legal Apps: Record Grabber Logo
Record Grabber

Manage record requests and case management seamlessly with the latest legal tech collaboration, Record Grabber and Clio. Record Grabber relieves the burden of the record retrieval process, allowing law firms to focus on what really matters – growing their business.

Clio Legal Apps: Filepilot RightSignature Logo

RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. Engagement Agreements, New Client Forms, you name it. They can be all completed online with legally-binding electronic signatures.

Clio Legal Apps: RubyReceptionists Logo
Ruby Receptionists

Set your law firm apart with Ruby Receptionists; a highly trained team of virtual receptionists who handle your calls with friendliness and professionalism, allowing you to focus on other tasks while creating a balanced reputation and aesthetic.

Clio Legal Apps: Filepilot Smokeball Logo

Smokeball provides a complete email and document management system, form automation tool, and form library integrated with Clio. Small law firms build a powerful database of client and matter information in Smokeball to quickly populate emails and documents, and keep their matters organized.

Clio Legal Apps: Traklight Logo

Traklight’s self-guided questionnaire creates custom intellectual property strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as an automated snapshot of business and IP needs for attorneys.


Trustifi is the court-recognized substitute for traditional registered mail and delivery services. Trustifi’s powerful technology encrypts and tracks your most sensitive attorney-client email exchanges, with the simplicity of two-factor authentication on desktop, mobile, and web—it even works with core smartphone applications.

Clio Legal Apps: Unbundled Attorney Logo
Unbundled Attorney

Unbundled Attorney is a lead generation service offering exclusive leads delivered to web-based, mobile-ready software in real-time. Leads are targeted by region and educated on the benefits and cost of unbundled legal services. Let us handle the marketing so you can focus on serving your clients.

Clio Legal Apps: Vonage Logo

When a Vonage number is matched to a Clio contact, VonageConnect automatically logs incoming and outgoing call data. Capture and export call notes and information in real-time to Clio, to a contact’s communication tab, with the option to associate the call to a matter as well. You can also create time entries associated with a call, select an activity description, add a note, and even add tags for reporting.

Clio Legal Apps: WebMerge Logo

Easily create a document, populate it with information from Clio, connect it to the right Matter, and send it to any contact automatically. With WebMerge and Clio, no manual data entry is necessary. Your law firm’s paperwork is now cloud-based, in sync, and simplified.

Clio Legal Apps: Xero Logo

Xero is online accounting software for small businesses that includes features like real-time financial reporting, bank reconciliation, and invoicing.

Yo Cierge

YoCierge and Clio are helping law firms outperform the competition with cutting edge technology that integrates record retrieval, office phone systems, and live receptionist services with Clio’s practice management platform. No installation is required, no disruption to your firm— just a seamless enhancement to how you manage your clients in the cloud.

Clio Legal Apps: Zapier Logo

Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect Clio to hundreds of web services, saving time and improving productivity by automating tedious tasks.

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