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Available in Australia, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Find 1000+ web tools

    Zapier expands its template library, offering a vast collection of pre-built Zaps for various industries and use cases, empowering users to quickly implement powerful automation solutions without any coding knowledge.
  • Automate Workflows

    Zapier unveils a robust set of automation tools that enable seamless integration between hundreds of apps, simplifying complex workflows and saving valuable time.
  • Save Time

    Time-saving automations revolutionize your workflow by seamlessly connecting your favorite apps, eliminating repetitive tasks, and giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

How Zapier works with Clio

  • Unleash Automation, Embrace Efficiency with Zapier

    1. Connect: Zapier integrates your favorite apps, allowing them to communicate and share information.
    2. Automate: Define triggers and actions to create Zaps that automate repetitive tasks and workflows.
    3. Save Time: By streamlining processes and eliminating manual work, Zapier helps you save valuable time and increase productivity.
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Helpful resources

  • Getting Started

    To get started with Clio and Zapier, visit our help center.