Zapier allows anyone to create custom integrations and workflows—with no coding knowledge required.

Zapier’s extensive library of Triggers, Searches, and Actions from over 1000 apps can be combined in an endless number of ways. 

Save time and improve productivity by automating tedious tasks in Clio and creating custom workflows that connect Clio to other cloud services. It’s free to get started, and paid Zapier plans start at $20/mo.

Key Features

  • • Connect Clio to 1000+ web tools, including Evernote, Trello, Google Forms, and more
    • No coding required
    • Free Zapier plans are available for low-usage scenarios

    The possibilities are endless. Clio users have used Zapier to:

    • • Receive custom SMS notifications when something happens in Clio
    • • Manage Clio tasks in Trello
    • • Use Google Forms for Client Intake
    • • Add new Clio Contacts to a MailChimp list