Clio Manage

Legal Case Management

Organize your cases and access the right information at the right time—no matter where you are—to better serve your clients.

View every case detail in one place

Get an overview of all case information from a single dashboard. Link every contact, task, bill, document, and time entry to the appropriate case.

Comprehensive case management with Clio Manage.
  • Track case updates efficiently and clearly

    Update a case status to open, pending, or closed, and add notes for you and your staff at any time to easily share and track the status of a case.

  • Organize and track only the information you need

    Use custom data fields to collect, store, and easily search for specific information related to your cases.

  • See real-time case developments

    Track every update in a case including the addition of time entries and documents, and see who made what change, when.

  • Link client communications to every matter

    Link every client interaction to each matter. Safely communicate with clients online—from anywhere at anytime—using our secure portal, Clio Connect.

More Clio Manage features

  • Document Management

    Edit, store, and organize your legal documents securely and directly in the cloud.

  • Billing

    Create custom bill plans based on fee structure and reduce manual data entry. Bill via email or our secure client portal.

  • Contact Management

    Easily organize contact details, documents, and communication logs from intake to invoice.

  • Accounting

    Simplify reconciliations and comply with trust accounting regulations. Sync to third-party accounting systems.

  • Calendaring

    Stay on top of deadlines, with legal-specific features like Court Rules.

  • Task Management

    Assign and track tasks. Report on task progress, identify roadblocks, and better manage productivity.

  • Online Payments

    Get paid faster and make it easier for clients to pay by accepting online credit card payments.

  • Time & Expense Tracking

    Make billing easy and accurate with features like Timekeeper and enhanced expense tracking.

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