Legal calendaring software that keeps your whole firm on schedule.

Lawyer-centric calendaring software.

Legal calendaring software helps organize your days while synchronizing every moving part of your law firm. Our calendaring software helps you schedule appointments and meetings for individual staff and clients. Advanced reminder systems allow you to set multiple alerts notifying you of your most urgent law firm deadlines.

Screenshot of legal calendaring in Clio
Clio integrating with Outlook's calendar

Access your legal calendar from anywhere, from any platform.

Link calendar events to specific matters, and access, create, or reschedule them from any computer or via Clio’s mobile app.

  • Sync firm calendars to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, so any changes you make to your appointments or alerts will update automatically across every platform.
  • Share events between legal staff and clients for better transparency and collaboration.
  • Log time directly from your calendar to specific matters and clients, ensuring you capture every billable moment.

Court deadline calculator.

Missed deadlines can be cause for malpractice claims, and manually calculating court-related events can take up significant time. Better legal calendaring can make you more efficient, more organized, and less prone to error.

Clio’s Court Rules feature lets you calculate and bulk-schedule a sequence of deadlines—in court jurisdictions across the U.S.—in seconds.

  • Keep track of all your rule-based deadlines, and ensure you’re prepared for every hearing date and filing deadline.
  • Link deadlines to specific matters and securely share them with legal staff and clients.
  • Account for all weekends and court holidays.
  • Any rule changes will be updated automatically in Clio’s Court Rules database.
Calculating a court calendar date

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