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    When you build apps and integrations with Clio, you’re creating tools for the thousands of innovative, client-centric law firms that use Clio’s cloud-based legal technology.

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    Clio makes it easy to build exactly what you need with comprehensive documentation, an active Slack developer community, and access to personalized support to help you succeed.

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    Connect with more customers, earn new business, and unlock revenue-driving sales and marketing opportunities with our tiered Clio Certified App Program.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create my free Clio developer account?

Get started with your free developer account by filling out this short form. For full instructions on setting up your developer account see step-by-step app developer guide.

What do I do after creating a Clio developer account?

If you are an app developer and have filled out the application form here, a member of our developer partnership team will reach out with next steps via email. If you’ve created an app developer account already, follow the instructions in the App Developer Guide for next steps.

How do I get started if I’m looking to build an app for myself, a single law firm, or a client?

You will need to have access to login credentials on an existing, paid Clio account. If you need login access, contact your team’s Clio account admin. If you already have a developer account or login credentials, follow the instructions in the Private App Guide.