Clio and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a unified data protection law that will come into effect on May 25, 2018, in the E.U., replacing the previous European Data Protection Directive.

The new law will enhance the data privacy rights of E.U. individuals by giving them more protection over the use of their personal data within and outside of the E.U. GDPR will also simplify the regulatory environment for businesses handling the personal data of E.U. individuals.

Who will GDPR affect?

GDPR will apply to businesses that can be defined as either a data controller or a data processor. A data controller refers to any business that collects and oversees the management of personal data. A data processor refers to any business that handles personal data on behalf of a data controller.

GDPR will also include the more expansive definition of “personal data,” which may include more categories of information such as location data, online identifiers (such as an IP address), and other electronic metadata that has not been included in previous data protection laws within the E.U. Businesses that do not protect the personal data of E.U individuals in accordance with GDPR rules will be susceptible to significant fines.

What is Clio doing to address GDPR?

Clio has been monitoring the development of GDPR guidelines since they were introduced two years ago, and it is currently reviewing its operations for GDPR compliance with the May 2018 deadline in mind. Both Clio’s product as well as its business operations are part of this review, and we expect to comply with all GDPR requirements. Clio has placed a high priority on GDPR compliance and sees it as an important part of adhering to our commitment to protect the personal data of our customers and their clients.

Clio’s UK and EU Terms of Service explicitly acknowledge our role as a data processor for law firms. Clio will continue to fulfill that role, providing tools and customer service to help law firms meet their responsibilities as data controllers.

Additionally, Clio’s industry-leading security measures protect data stored within and transmitted from the Clio product. Clio also provides advanced security features to ensure customers are properly equipped to protect any data stored within Clio.

For more information on GDPR, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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