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See how many billable hours your firm has captured, billed, and collected in one central dashboard. Identify opportunities to improve productivity, efficiency, and revenue across your firm with Clio Manage’s Firm Dashboard. 

Get unique insights on how your firm is performing

Track your firm’s utilization, realization, and collection rates—how much billable work you’re doing, how much money you’re losing, and how much money you’re making—as outlined in the Legal Trends Report. Get an overview of your firm’s performance in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard.

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  • Know where your time is going

    Understand how much your firm’s work day is spent on billable work. See where you can identify opportunities to adjust workflows and better allocate resources.

  • See how much you could be billing

    Find out how much money you may be losing due to write-offs. Get the hard numbers of which hours ends up on an invoice. Identify where your firm is doing work it doesn’t end up charging for.

Understand your revenue drivers

In seconds, get insight into how your firm is performing.

  • Track your revenue

    Understand what’s actually being collected from your invoices. Use performance metrics to see if you should be asking for larger retainers, offering flexible payment plans, and using other reliable payment methods.

  • Measure performance over time

    Pinpoint what’s driving firm performance. See the data over a specific timeframe, and identify trends and changes over time—so you can plan annual budgets, invest in headcount, and set aside resources.

Understanding key business metrics for law firm growth

According to the Legal Trends Report, utilization, realization, and collection rates are the most important indicators of law firm growth. Below are the averages across the United States.

  • Utilization Rate

    Utilization Rate

    Number of billable hours worked divided by number of hours in a day

  • Realization Rate

    Realization Rate

    Number of billable hours invoiced divided by the number of billable hours worked

  • Collection Rate

    Collection Rate

    Number of hours collected divided by the number of hours invoiced

Frequently Asked Questions

What is utilization rate?

Utilization rate measures how much of the day is spent doing billable work in comparison to the available hours in the day.

It’s an important metric that allows a law firm to determine how much of a lawyer’s day is spent on revenue-generating work compared to other activities.

What is realization rate?

Realization rate measures how much billable work ultimately gets billed after time reporting, discounts, write-offs, and other variables.

What is collection rate?

Collection rate measures how much billed work has been collected.

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