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Improve productivity across your law firm. Use Clio’s task management software to organize to-do lists, see task progress, and manage your team’s workload. 

Manage your tasks and close cases swiftly

Get more done—individually and as a team with Clio’s task management software.

Clio Manage Simplified UI Task Management Tasks
  • Get insight into how a case is progressing

    See all tasks for a legal matter, organized by due date. Quickly identify the next task to be done, and see which tasks are overdue.

  • Collaborate on tasks with anyone

    Assign tasks to other users at your firm, or to outside parties through our secure client portal. Your clients can see the tasks assigned to them, receive task reminders, and mark tasks as completed.

  • Set custom task categories

    Add as many custom task categories as you want using Advanced Tasks, or pull from existing task categories. Use these categories to standardize your law firm’s processes.

  • Stay on top of your to-do list

    See your upcoming and overdue tasks on our main dashboard. View and mark tasks complete right from your calendar. Create tasks on your mobile phone, and create multiple reminders that appear minutes or weeks in advance.

Improve your law firm’s productivity

Use Clio’s legal task management software to get more insight into your firm’s work in progress, increase your utilization rate, and forecast staff workloads.

  • Create standardized task lists

    Build a series of tasks based on how your law firm processes different types of cases. Plus, you can now set relative task deadlines, duplicate lists and assign task lists from inside a matter.

  • Predict staff availability and case budgets

    Add time estimates to tasks so you can forecast the amount of work needed for a legal case. Track estimates against actual time worked to better predict legal budgets for clients.

  • Bill more hours

    Add time entries directly from a legal task, and see which tasks are missing a time entry.

  • Evaluate your law firm’s productivity

    Manage processes across your entire firm with progress and productivity reports. See upcoming, overdue, and completed tasks on a per user basis. Filter by task category, client, matter, or date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal task management software?

Legal task management software is used to organize, allocate, and collaborate on tasks at your law firm. It also helps with the estimation and scheduling of tasks, so you can make decisions when changes in priorities are necessary.

Can I see tasks assigned to other users?

Yes. Unless the task is marked as private, you can see tasks assigned to other users at your law firm.

Can I sync my tasks to my calendar?

Yes. You can see tasks in your Clio calendar, or have tasks synced to a Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar.

What task statuses and priorities are there?

The following task statuses and priorities are available in Clio:

Status: Pending, In Progress, In Review, Complete

Priority: High, Normal, Low

Can I get notified when another user completes a task?

Yes. When assigning a task, there is an option for the assigner to be notified when the task is completed. You can also see all task updates in the firm feed.

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