How to start your own law firm

Starting your own law firm can be a rewarding next step in your legal career. It might seem intimidating at first, but a little planning goes a long way. For any law firm just starting out, you’ll want to know something about running a business, which goes beyond the skills necessary for being a good lawyer.

Once you’ve made the decision to start your own firm, or even if you’re still just considering, the resources on this page will help you get started—with everything from developing a business plan and getting your finances in order to finding a steady client base and thinking about the future longevity of your legal practice.

Starting your law firm is only the beginning

When you make the decision to start your own law firm, know that you don't always need to get everything right the first time.

Part of any legal start-up plan should take into consideration how you’ll manage the administrative side of your law firm. Storing case and contact information, setting up billing workflows, keeping track of your calendars and communications are all integral to running a legal practice. The better prepared you are to manage these functions, the more time you’ll have to work with clients.