• Legal aid and nonprofit case management software

    Manage and report on every aspect of your grants, from eligibility screening to case resolution, all from within the leading case management software.

The leading legal practice management software, optimized for legal service organizations

  • Client Intake Form Builder + Mobile Client Intake

    Make your legal services accessible to everyone

    Not every client has access to a computer. With Clio, you can send your client an intake form to be filled out right from their mobile device, and easily work with them to fill in or update the required information.

  • Legal Aid US - Eligibility Calculator

    Easily calculate a client’s eligibility

    Quickly determine a client’s legal aid eligibility with Clio’s built-in calculator (coming soon!). Eligibility can be recorded and updated as needed to ensure you’re meeting grant requirements.

  • Legal Aid US - Grants Dashboard + New Time Entry

    Manage and track grant deliverables from one place

    Manage all of your work in one place, including your grants, matters, and client information, and ensure your grant deliverables are on track.

  • Legal Aid US - Grants Reporting

    Know where your time and resources are spent

    Monitor how much time your team is allocating to grants with detailed reports to help you quickly reallocate resources and funding.

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