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Supporting practical training in legal education.

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See why some of the leading law schools in the world teach with Clio Cloud Practice Management.

If you’re just starting your legal career or work at a law school, see what CAAP can do for you. It’s designed to help young lawyers and paralegals gain early exposure to leading practice management technology and better prepare them for the practical aspects of operating a law practice. We offer Clio, the leading cloud-based matter management solution, to students, faculty, and administrators across the globe at no charge.

A risk-free way to try a legal software used by firms both big and small.

Using just Clio, you can tackle multiple facets of legal education. It can serve as hands-on training in legal clinics to prepare students for life in real-world law firms, it can help faculty structure and track coursework, and finally, it can familiarize your students and faculty with the latest in legal technology. To make this a smooth learning experience, we offer a variety of great support services—at no cost:

  1. Data migration from an existing case management system
  2. Customized training webinars for faculty, staff, and students
  3. Full access to Clio’s support site and live assistance
  4. On-demand academic resources such as Clio assignments and other deliverables

If you have any questions about how this all works, just get in touch. We work directly with faculty and staff to create a customized experience that meets your academic institution’s precise needs.

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Academic Access faculty and students can register for the Clio Product Essentials course.

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