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The legal software solution you can trust. Protect your clients’ information and firm’s data with top security features and protocols.

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Setting the standard for legal software

  • Dedicated security experts

    Our dedicated security team brings more than 25 years of combined cybersecurity experience at world-class organizations.

  • Staying on top of the latest in cybersecurity

    We continue to review and update Clio’s code for security, and monitor for potential vulnerabilities to ensure your data is always protected.

  • Standardizing employee security protocols

    Clio enforces office access policies, two-factor authentication for internal tools, device and travel policies, criminal background checks for employees, regular security training, and more.

  • Operating in accordance with GDPR legislation

    Clio Manage is compliant with the terms found in the GDPR guidelines, meeting our requirements as both a data controller and data processor.

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  • Operating in accordance with PCI legislation

    Clio Payments, powered by LawPay, is fully PCI-compliant, allowing you to accept credit card payments from your clients and get paid 39% faster with peace of mind.

Clio is tested, certified, and endorsed as secure

  • Founding members of the LCCA

    Clio is leading the industry in establishing secure practices as a founding member of the Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA).

  • 66+ bars and law societies approvals

    Clio is recommended by over 66 bar associations and law societies—the most of any legal practice management software—in part due to high security standards.

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  • Regular security tests

    Every year, Clio works with a leading cybersecurity firm. They test our platform with the most advanced techniques available to ensure that Clio’s software is secure.

  • Daily malware scan

    Clio is audited and certified each day by McAfee Secure to help guarantee that our products are not affected by malware, vulnerabilities, and other online threats.

Built with best practices, on state-of-the art infrastructure

  • In-transit and at-rest encryption

    Clio applies 256-bit encryption to ensure that your firm’s data is stored and transmitted securely. Clio has been verified by DigiCert, a trusted certificate authority.

  • Highest levels of physical and logical security

    Every Clio data storage facility is SOC 2 certified. That means they employ advanced techniques such as biometric security cards, a 24/7 security presence, and 100% security camera coverage.

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA

    Clio is one of the only legal practice management software companies to offer a financially-backed, 99.9% uptime guarantee service level agreement (SLA).

  • Automatic backups and redundant servers

    To ensure your account remains accessible at all times, Clio provides automatic data backups and geo-redundant servers. You can also make use of our Clio’s data escrow feature to automate backups of your data.

  • Secure development practices

    Clio demands high internal standards for code quality, mandatory code reviews, and constant internal security consultations on complex technical decisions.

Implementing advanced product features and controls

  • Role-based permissions

    Restrict visibility to sensitive case information to certain users at your firm.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Verify every login attempt via a mobile device—do it with a single tap on iOS.

  • Password policies

    Enforce strong passwords and/or regular password resets with Clio’s password policy settings.

  • Login safeguards

    Clio will automatically lock your account for a period of time after too many failed login attempts.

  • Login tracking

    Clio logs the IP address of every login for your account to help you monitor for suspicious account activity.

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