Dialpad Talk

Clio’s VoIP integration with Dialpad enables you and your firm to take advantage of having a dedicated business phone line, without having to be tied down to a fixed landline. With Dialpad you can empower your firm and its staff to work remotely, while allowing you to rapidly scale the communication needs of your practice.

Providers like Dialpad go a step further by layering productivity tools and SMS functionality to their VoIP offering – enabling firms to not only capture billable/non-billable hours spent with clients, but also streamline and keep logs of communications.

  • Remote first. Use Clio and Dialpad on the go, no matter the device or location. 
  • Automated communication records. Clio will automatically create communication records from phone calls made in either the Dialpad desktop or mobile application.
  • Leverage Dialpad’s rich VoIP features. With stellar support, a self-porting option, and real-time call transcription and more, Dialpad offers law firms an easier way to capture the full picture of client interactions.  

Available to North American customers on Boutique, Elite, Suite plans and EMEA customers on the Loyalty plan.

Key Features

  • • Send text messages with Dialpad. Whether it's a quick text to your client or a group chat with your staff, Dialpad has you covered with business SMS.
    • Detailed call analytics by Dialpad. Access real-time insights on call volumes and search by specific keyword mentions.