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  • DocuPlayer

    Easily explain documents to clients using screen recordings.

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  • ESI-Legal Logo


    The Last Phone System Decision You'll Ever Need to Make.

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  • Dialpad Talk

    A business phone system that just works–from any device, anywhere.

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  • Zoom

    Make any meeting a Zoom meeting with one click

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  • Corvum

    Lawyers deserve a work–life balance. Corvum’s Legal VoIP Suite helps…

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  • gotoconnect


    Cloud-based communications platform with native telephony, meetings, and chat.

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  • Nextiva

    Nextiva is a powerful, desktop-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and…

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  • Faster Click-to-Call

    Faster Click-to-Call allows you to automatically execute a custom PowerShell…

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  • Legaler

    Schedule, host and archive meetings in a single place, with…

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