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Every client expects you to deliver a win. As a civil litigator, it’s your duty to build the strongest case possible to ensure that this happens. Hours are spent managing clients, court dates, procedures, and reacting to your opposing counsels’ various maneuvers. Juggling all of these moving pieces requires legal software that quietly helps you run your firm, so you can focus on representing your clients.

Civil suit documentation for a legal matter

Legal software designed for civil litigation lawyers

Save time by running all your firm’s operations securely from the cloud.

Clio features for civil litigation

See your most important details at a glance with Clio's Case Management.
  • Efficient workflows

    Track time, build cases, and never miss a billable moment. Our tech ensures productivity whether you’re at the courthouse, home, or on the go. Work from anywhere with the same security and functionality as your office desktop.

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  • Streamlined client onboarding

    Collect client and case-related information with forms and templates during onboarding to seamlessly save, share, and reproduce throughout your case.

  • Detailed paper trails

    Customizable and detailed invoicing creates a thorough breakdown of fees per matter and a clear expense trail—eliminating any potential disputes with clients, opposing parties, and courts.

    Legal Billing
  • Court calendaring

    Court calendaring prevents procedural issues and eliminates the need to manually track and coordinate multiple deadlines.

    Legal Calendar
  • Seamless trust accounting

    Easily track trust requests. Accept trust deposits via credit card and manage trust accounts with professional ease and due diligence within Clio.

    Clio Payments

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