Criminal Law Software

As a criminal defense lawyer, your clients are depending on you to help them through one of the worst points in their lives. The right criminal law software helps you keep track of files, court dates, and administrative tasks, so you can focus your time and energy on giving the best possible representation to your clients.

Legal software for criminal defense lawyers

Clio improves a criminal defense lawyer’s ability to run their practice efficiently and effectively.

Quickly onboard new criminal defense clients

Your criminal defense clients need help quickly. Onboard them efficiently from anywhere with Clio Grow.

  • Tailor intake forms to different criminal cases

    Create your own custom online intake forms for DUIs, property crimes, and other types of criminal cases to collect the relevant information for every matter.

  • Know the status of every potential client

    See the status of each potential client, and automatically create tasks and reminders to make sure no new criminal case falls through the cracks.

  • Onboard new clients from anywhere

    Retain and onboard new criminal law clients from anywhere, with easy online intake and e-signatures in Clio Grow. Send bills electronically, and accept online credit card payments for retainers with Clio Payments.

Seamlessly create documents—and access them from anywhere

Track the details you need for criminal cases with custom fields, and use document automation to quickly create criminal case documents.

  • Organize criminal case details

    Create criminal law-specific custom fields in to keep track of information like charges, courts, or criminal history. Organize fields for different types of matters, such as vehicle-specific sets for DUI cases.

  • Automate document preparation

    Pull information from custom fields into templates to automatically create documents such as jury instructions.

  • Easily access criminal case documents from anywhere

    Keep evidence, client communications, documents, and more organized to each case in Clio or in a document storage integration partner like Box or Dropbox. Quickly access case information and documents on any device, even your phone.

Stay on top of crucial criminal case deadlines

Whether a hearing, discovery, or meeting with a client, you’ll be on top of critical deadlines with Clio's criminal law software.

  • Know your schedule

    Organize your calendar by criminal case, add key deadlines with custom reminders, and more. Connect Clio to your Office 365 Calendar or Google Calendar to keep all your calendars up to date and accurate.

  • Keep track of court deadlines

    Create calendar events automatically for your criminal cases based on rules and deadlines from hundreds of U.S. courts with Court Rules in Clio.

  • Know what needs to get done

    Create detailed custom Task Lists for different types of criminal cases, from general criminal matters to DUIs, so your team knows what needs to get done by when to get the best results for your clients.

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