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Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $35 per month USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Save time and avoid errors with automatic syncs

    Automatically sync your contacts, bills, payments, trust, and operating transactions to your ledgers in QuickBooks Online, saving you hours of accounting data entry.
  • Easier and less intimidating trust accounting

    Clio makes trust accounting compliance easy by keeping trust and operating funds separate and generating comprehensive reports for three-way reconciliation.
  • Manage your entire firm from anywhere with one convenient system

    Get more work done outside of the office—whether you’re in court, transit, or line for coffee. Keep your records up to date with mobile access to your matters, bills, and payments.

How QuickBooks Online works with Clio

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    Legal case management and accounting—simplified

    With QuickBooks Online and Clio, manage your firm’s financial information, trust transactions and disbursements, and online payments in one integrated cloud-based solution. Save time and reduce the risk of error meeting client, firm, bar association, and law society obligations.

    To learn more about Clio’s integration with QuickBooks Online, visit our Help Center for a step-by-step guide here

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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    If you’re a Clio account admin, you can set up the QuickBooks Online integration through this link. To learn more about setting up QuickBooks Online with Clio, please visit our Help Center for a step-by-step guide.