QuickBooks Online

Eliminate the headaches of legal accounting. Clio and QuickBooks Online streamline legal accounting for lawyers and their support staff; from managing funds in trust to client billing, paying employees, filing taxes, and more. All of your law firm’s client and financial data is now, easily, in sync. 

Key Features

  • With Clio and QuickBooks Online you can sync contacts, bills, and transactions from your practice management software to your cloud-based accounting platform with ease and speed. Data management and reporting is simple and accurate. These two cloud-based tools in sync eliminate the need to enter information twice, saving time and avoiding the potential for error.

    •Sync contacts, invoices, financial information, and trust transactions seamlessly between both tools—eliminating repeat data entry
    •Payments and credit notes applied to bills in Clio will also be synced to QuickBooks Online
    •Manage amounts in both Operating and Trust accounts
    •An automated trust workflow ensures that amounts in trust are reconciled between Clio, QuickBooks Online, and your associated bank accounts
    •Transaction syncs are fast and accurate—ensuring that end-of-month financing is pain-free and your finances are handled in line with legal ethics requirements