QuickBooks Online

Eliminate the headaches of legal accounting. Clio and QuickBooks Online take the complexity out of legal accounting for lawyers and their support staff; from managing funds in trust to client billing, paying employees, filing taxes, and more. All of your law firm’s client and financial data is now, easily, in sync. 

Key Features

  • With Clio and QuickBooks Online integration you can sync contacts, bills, and transactions from your practice management software to your cloud-based accounting platform with ease, speed and precision. Financial data management and reporting is simple and accurate. These two cloud-based tools in sync eliminate manual data entry, save time and avoid the risk of error.

    • Sync contacts, invoices, financial information, and trust transactions seamlessly between both tools—eliminating repeat data entry
    • Understand staff performance and determine compensation by linking staff names to billable hours and exporting to QuickBooks Online
    • Payments and credit notes applied to bills in Clio will also be synced to QuickBooks Online
    • Capture hard costs in QuickBooks Online, and sync them back to Clio Manage
    • Manage amounts in both Operating and Trust accounts
    • An automated trust workflow ensures that amounts in trust are reconciled between Clio, QuickBooks Online, and your associated bank accounts
    • Transaction syncs are fast and accurate—ensuring that end-of-month financing is pain-free and your finances are handled in line with legal ethics requirements