Case Status

Mobile Client Portal & Communication Platform for Law Firms
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Available in the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Give Your Clients a Seamless Mobile Case Experience, Resulting in less work for your firm

    Make client management seamless with our 5-star App with 1000s of ratings that integrates with Clio. Whether they are looking for status, answers to questions, reminders for appointments or more, clients are less likely to ask for updates. Case Status firms see adoption of the App upwards of 70-80% and a reduction of hundreds of hours of client comms work every year.
  • Communicate With Your Clients All From One Location and in 138 languages

    Increase the efficiency and scale at which you care for clients. Make it easy to proactively send client updates and communication, allowing staff to handle more cases, and resolve cases faster. Case Status firms see more than 51% reduction in calls and emails. Integration with Clio will also automate client specific tasks and workflows.
  • Collect Client Feedback to Amp Up Reviews & Referrals, Resulting in Law Firm Growth

    Automatically collect client feedback and proactively reach out to unhappy clients, salvaging valuable relationships and eliminating complaints. When clients have a great experience, drive growth in the firm through an increase in reviews and referrals. The Clio Legal Trends Report (2022 and 2019) show us time and again that referrals and online reviews account for how clients shop for an attorney.
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