Meet the 2021 Reisman Award winners

We’re proud to introduce you to six incredible law firms.

2021 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2021 Excellence in Client Service: rb LEGAL

    “Listen first, solve second, care always.” Rebecca Bell has drawn on her history in the hospitality industry to provide an unparalleled experience to her clients in probate and estate planning. Rebecca and her team at rb LEGAL recognize that at the core of every legal matter are human beings. We’re proud to present rb LEGAL with the 2021 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

  • 2021 Best Growth Story: Stotler Hayes Group

    “Growth isn’t a strategy. It’s a result.” A multi-time Reisman Award finalist, Stotler Hayes Group has exemplified success since the firm was started by two lawyer moms who wanted to improve their work-life balance. Since starting, the firm has grown year over year and now includes over 45 full-time employees, including 27 attorneys practicing in over 40 states. We’re thrilled to present Stotler Hayes with the 2021 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • 2021 Legal Innovation: Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico

    Providing free legal education and support to low income individuals and communities in Puerto Rico, Ayuda Legal is redefining how the legal system can meet the needs of those who need it the most. Through a combination of digital tools and in-person advocacy, they’re singlehandedly transforming the legal landscape in Puerto Rico. We’re proud to present Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico with the 2021 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation.

  • 2021 Community Champion: Elder Law & Disability Rights Center

    Since their formation in 2017, The ELDR Center has pushed local leaders in Orange County to take an evidence-based, cost-effective, healthcare-oriented approach to a growing housing crisis. Exacerbated by COVID-19, the past year has been their busiest yet—and they’re just getting started. We’re proud to present the Elder Law & Disability Rights Center with the 2021 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • 2021 Best New Law Firm: Big Fire Law & Policy Group

    “If you can’t find a seat at the table, build your own table.” A 100% Native American-owned firm, Big Fire Law & Policy Group is built on a foundation of gender equity, pay equity and providing opportunities for attorneys of color, and has been able to build a culture of diversity and inclusion while scaling the firm to bold new heights. We’re thrilled to present Big Fire Law & Policy Group with the 2021 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

  • 2021 Legal Impact Award: Pinder Plotkin LLC

    A new award for 2021, the Legal Impact Award was opened to public voting, and it’s easy to see why they chose this firm. In the midst of the pandemic, Pinder Plotkin partnered with local first responders to offer free will services, providing invaluable legal services to a community that desperately needed them. We’re proud to present Pinder Plotkin LLC with the 2021 Reisman Award for Legal Impact.

Tell us what makes your firm special

Our customers do amazing things, and the annual Reisman Awards—named after Clio’s first customer—recognize extraordinary Clio customers for displaying excellence in their fields and making an impact in their communities.

Past Reisman Award winners have achieved incredible firm growth, delivered innovative legal experiences, broken down industry barriers, improved the experience for their clients, and provided powerful advocacy for vulnerable populations.

Award categories

  • Legal Innovation

    Do you dare to do things differently? Tell us about how you use technology, how you serve clients, or how you address niche markets in unique ways.

  • Best New Law Firm

    If you started a new law firm over the past year—whether you’re a fresh-faced law grad or a bold BigLaw defector—we want to hear about your success.

  • Community Champion

    From volunteering to pro bono work, mentorship, and philanthropy, giving back can take many forms. Let us know the ways you make your community better.

  • Best Growth Story

    We’re no stranger to growth, but our favorite stories are yours—and this is your chance to boast. Tell us how you’ve been successful with Clio. (Bonus points if you have data to back it up!)

  • 2018 Reisman Awards icon Best Customer Centric

    Excellence in Client Service

    Legal’s present and future belongs to firms that put client service at the heart of all that they do. Tell us what makes your firm a client-centered law firm, and how you provide exceptional client experiences.

  • [NEW] Legal Impact Award (People's Choice)

    This award celebrates law firms who embody Clio’s mission of transforming the practice of law, for good. Nominees for this award will be hand-picked by our panel of judges and voted on by the legal community.

  • Reisman Awards Trophy

    Prize packages

    All finalists—three per category—will receive:

    • A complimentary pass to the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference
    • An incredible video highlighting your law firm and the impact you are having.
    • A chance to be showcased in one of our customer success stories (great for marketing your firm to clients). 
    • Exclusive design assets you can use on your firm’s website, social media, and other marketing materials.


    Winners will also receive:

    • A 2021 Reisman Award trophy
    • Recognition at the Clio Cloud Conference, and on social media


    See Last Year's Winners

The fine print (FAQ)

What makes a winning entry?

Submissions will be evaluated based on:

  • The compelling nature of the firm’s story
  • How well the firm documents its results
  • The firm’s relevance to the award category
  • How the firm uses Clio to achieve its goals

In short: Let us know what makes you stand out, the impact of your work, and how Clio helped you on your journey. (Or, if you’re nominating another law firm, how that firm does these things.)

I submitted last year. Can I submit again?

Absolutely! The great thing about stories is that they get better over time. We want to keep in touch, and to learn about what’s new and exciting at your firm. So, please, keep those submissions coming.

Additional questions

Why are they called the Reismans? 

Clio’s first customer, Catherine Reisman, was our inspiration for delivering an exceptional software platform to meet the needs of all legal professionals. As Catherine continues to inspire everything we do at Clio, we want to highlight some of the amazing achievements we see every day from our customers. 


Is there a fee to submit to the Reisman Awards?

No! Submitting to the Reisman Awards is completely free. Simply complete the submission form below. 


Does my submission have to contain information from the past year only?

No! Feel free to use examples from beyond last year to illustrate your firm’s story. We want the full picture—if that means going back to what first inspired you to become a lawyer, by all means, dig deep. We can’t wait to hear about it. 


How are the winners chosen?

Each submission will be evaluated by our panel of judges on how well it meets submission criteria. The only exception is the Legal Impact Award, which is brand new this year and will involve public voting—bringing Clio’s customer community into the Reisman selection process for the first time.


Why does Clio offer a customer recognition program?

From the very beginning, we have taken inspiration from our customers and the incredible things you do. From creating Clio to starting the Clio Cloud Conference, our goal has always been to help our customers succeed—because your success is our success. We started this awards program to hear and recognize your stories—and to share your accomplishments with the wider legal community.


What do winners receive?

One winner in each of the six categories will receive:

  • A complimentary pass to the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference
  • The opportunity to take part in a panel discussion at the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference
  • A short video highlighting your story
  • Inclusion in press outreach highlighting our 2021 award winners
  • Assets you can use to highlight your award win, including a trophy, website badges, and more


I have more questions—whom should I contact?

Email [email protected] with any questions you have, or tweet us at @goclio.