Clio is proud to announce the winners of The Reismans, the first annual recognition of Clio users who demonstrate excellence in one of the following categories: innovation, community work, growth, and best new law firm. Our customers are the driving force behind every decision. And we’re thrilled to honor the five customers below for the exemplary work they’re doing.

Congratulations to our winners

Law Firm Innovation: Vela Wood

Vela Wood, a Dallas-based firm, successfully challenges industry norms with its commitment to making international travel accessible to their team. This year, two employees spent one month working and living abroad in the cities of Lisbon, Portugal and Zagreb, Croatia.

Best New Law Firm: Ergo Law

Best New Law Firm honors a newcomer who has weathered the trials of entrepreneurship and come out on top. Cathy Donald and Emma Reid, directors of Ergo Law in Scotland, have turned a profit from their boutique law firm within a year of launch on the strength of valuable referrals.

Community Champion: The Hite Law Group

The Hite Law Group in New Orleans bridges the justice gap between free legal aid and unaffordable market rate services with a specific emphasis on serving the LGBTQ community and adult and child survivors of intimate abuse.

Community Champion: The California Innocence Project

Since 1999, the California Innocence Project has been working tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted from California prisons. Processing more than 2,500 requests for assistance per year, the primarily student-staffed center of 42 attorneys, administrators, and volunteers has seen 27 wrongfully incarcerated inmates freed to date.

Best Growth Story: ASA Law Group

Cutting-edge technology and focusing on an end-to-end holistic law practice has helped ASA Law Group grow its employee base 533% and increase their revenue from $80K per year to $1.2 million per year, with a 60% profit margin—all while maintaining a focus on work/life balance for staff.

Why Reisman?

At the same time two guys stood at a table at the 2008 ABA TECHSHOW, demonstrating the beta version of Clio, attorney of twenty years, Catherine Reisman, was embarking on her own daunting undertaking. Like Clio founders, Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau, Catherine was leaving a sensible career for the entrepreneurial route.

After Googling “legal practice management systems”, and finding Clio, Catherine knew she had found the right tool for her practice (despite the version one, egg yolk-yellow logo).

What Catherine did not realize was that she was Clio’s very first customer, and her trust in the company would forever change Clio’s future.

An email with honest feedback from Catherine to Clio’s support inbox was a game changing moment for its founders. For Jack and Rian, Catherine was the lawyer the product was made for, an attorney representing the mass demographic of Clio customers, an American practitioner in a small law firm. She was depending on Clio, and so the creators responded.

“We had to make it work for Catherine because her livelihood depended on it and we weren’t going to let her down,” says Jack.

Nine years later, Clio’s dedication to its customers continues to be the driving force behind every decision. And we can’t wait to hear about your success.

Thanks to all of our amazing applicants this year. Stay tuned for applications for 2018!

What makes a winning entry?

What will make your submission stand out to our panel of judges? Submissions will be evaluated based on how compelling the story is, how well the results are documented, how well the story ties into the category, and Clio’s role in your success. Tell us the impact of your actions, and how Clio helped you get there.

What happens when winners are chosen?

A winning entry will be selected for each category, and winners will be announced on stage at the Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans, September 25-26, 2017.

Winners will also receive a digital badge that can be displayed on their website, a professional video showcasing their firm and how they use Clio, a press release announcing their win, and inclusion in future Clio marketing materials.


Does my submission have to contain information from the past year only?
No! Feel free to use examples from beyond the last year to illustrate your story. Tell us your story, in your own words—we can’t wait to hear them.

How are the winners chosen?
All submissions will be evaluated by the Clio Team for how well it meets the category criteria.

Why is Clio starting a customer recognition program?
From the very beginning, we have taken inspiration from our customers and the incredible things they do. From creating Clio to starting the Clio Cloud Conference, our goal has always been to help you succeed—your success is our success. We started this program to hear and recognize the stories from the front lines using Clio.

I have more questions—who do I contact?
Email with any questions you have, or tweet us at @goclio.

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