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The Reisman Award | Clio

2019 Reisman Award Winners

  • Best New Law Firm: Vanst Law

    Cynthia Morgan-Reed turned her experience being discriminated against in traditional law firms into a complete re-imagining of what law firm culture could be. We’re proud to honor Vanst Law with the 2019 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

  • Legal Innovation: Levine Family Law Group

    Erin Levine knew that most people involved in divorce proceedings were self-represented; so she created a guided app to help them navigate the process better. We’re pleased to honor her with the 2019 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation for her efforts to better serve the market.

  • Best Growth Story: Hamra Law Group

    For Abraham Hamra, his childhood spent emigrating from Syria and the lessons he learned as an immigrant have motivated him to build a thriving law firm. We’re proud to honor him with the 2019 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • Community Champion: Beacon Law

    Beacon Law provides essential legal services to the homeless population in Houston, Texas to restore dignity and opportunity to an underserved population. We’re proud to recognize their achievements with the 2019 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • Excellence in Client Service: Cascade Legal Planning

    Estate planning can be a complex and stressful endeavor, but Portland Oregon’s Cascade Legal Planning goes above and beyond to make it painless and…dare we say…fun for clients. We’re proud to honor them with the 2019 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

2018 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2018 Best Growth Story: T.Burd Law Group

    When starting her own solo practice, San Diego attorney Tara Burd knew success wouldn’t happen overnight. But she kept at it—accepting challenging cases with uncertain outcomes and networking night and day, knowing it would one day pay off. In 2017, five years after starting T.Burd Law Group, Tara cracked $1 million in annual profit for the first time—and Clio has been there every step of the way.

  • 2018 Law Firm Innovation: Modern Law

    Modern Law, a family law firm based in Mesa, AZ, has been using data analytics for the past eight years to innovate new ways of delivering services to clients. Now, they’ve turned their analytical eye to their internal culture, and business is booming as a result. We’re pleased to honor their devotion to data with this year’s Legal Innovation award.

  • 2018 Best New Law Firm: Morgan & Cumbas

    When Michael Anthony Morgan and José Javier Cumbas first met, José, a native of Puerto Rico, was simply looking for an opportunity to provide a better life for his family. In March 2016, with a $2,000 investment, they left their jobs and began working from a small two-bedroom apartment. Two years later, Morgan & Cumbas has grown their client base by over 2,000 percent, and are recognized as one of San Antonio’s preeminent immigration firms.

  • 2018 Community Champion: Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand

    Whether helping champion sustainable energy, social housing, or community projects, Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand—based in Burlington, Vermont—has built a thriving law firm while remaining true to their values, which are to make a difference with their practice.

2017 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2017 Law Firm Innovation: Vela Wood

    Vela Wood, a Dallas-based firm, successfully challenges industry norms with its commitment to making international travel accessible to their team. This year, two employees spent one month working and living abroad in the cities of Lisbon, Portugal and Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 2017 Best New Law Firm: Ergo Law

    Best New Law Firm honors a newcomer who has weathered the trials of entrepreneurship and come out on top. Cathy Donald and Emma Reid, directors of Ergo Law in Scotland, have turned a profit from their boutique law firm within a year of launch on the strength of valuable referrals.

  • 2017 Community Champion: The Hite Law Group

    The Hite Law Group in New Orleans bridges the justice gap between free legal aid and unaffordable market rate services with a specific emphasis on serving the LGBTQ community and adult and child survivors of intimate abuse.

  • 2017 Best Growth Story: ASA Law Group

    Cutting-edge technology and focusing on an end-to-end holistic law practice has helped ASA Law Group grow its employee base 533% and increase their revenue from $80K per year to $1.2 million per year, with a 60% profit margin—all while maintaining a focus on work/life balance for staff.

  • 2017 Community Champion: The California Innocence Project

    Since 1999, the California Innocence Project has been working tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted from California prisons. Processing more than 2,500 requests for assistance per year, the primarily student-staffed center of 42 attorneys, administrators, and volunteers has seen 27 wrongfully incarcerated inmates freed to date.

Named after Clio’s very first customer, the Reisman Awards are an annual celebration that recognize the amazing work being done by our customers. Read more about the Reisman Awards and nominate your firm today.