2023 Reisman Award Winners

  • The Childress Firm PLLC


    The Childress Firm PLLC, established in 2016, is dedicated to providing affordable legal services, particularly for small businesses and individuals in marginalized communities. Founder Jessica Childress is deeply aware of the lack of diversity in the legal industry and is committed to increasing representation. In 2021, Jessica developed a diversity, equity, and inclusion tool, Intro[re]spection, which helps companies foster respect and inclusion among employees, and wrote a series of children’s books, Juris Prudence, to inspire young girls of color to pursue legal careers. The firm actively engages in educating organizations and individuals on employment law rights, striving to make workplaces discrimination-free and diverse. 

  • King Law Offices, PC


    From a solo law office above a bar to an 18-location law firm spanning the Carolinas, Brian King knows how to drive growth. Over the past five years, they’ve nearly quadrupled annual revenue from $4 million to over $15 million, grown headcount to over 100 attorneys and support staff, and manages billing for over 5,000 clients weekly.

  • The Dross Law Firm, PLLC


    After a lifetime of adversity, which included time in the foster system and in prison, Arique used his experiences on the other end of the legal system to fuel his mission—providing the advocacy he wished he’d had as a child. After earning two law degrees and becoming a licensed attorney in both New York and California he served as an ACS prosecutor and assistant district attorney before starting his own firm, which has helped over 150 clients with foster care, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency cases.

  • Rasa Legal


    1 in 3 American adults has a criminal record—which can be a barrier to voting, employment, and even housing. Rasa Legal, a Utah-based public benefit corporation established in 2022, is dedicated to simplifying the criminal record expungement process. Founded by CEO Noella Sudbury, Rasa leverages cutting-edge, consumer-focused technology to bridge the access to justice gap. Their online expungement tool assesses individuals’ eligibility for record clearance in just three minutes. In their first year, Rasa has already helped almost 8,000 people throughout Utah.

  • PATH Legal


    PATH Legal, established in November 2022 through a collaboration between lawyers Emma Halpern and Mike Dull, helps criminalized and/or incarcerated individuals access the legal assistance and advocacy they need; PATH offers no-cost bail release plans, parole board support, habeas corpus applications, judicial review applications, and more, as well as addressing human rights and police complaints. Since its inception, PATH Legal has helped over 600 people in the Atlantic prison system access the justice they deserve.

  • Amara Legal Center


    The Amara Legal Center, a nonprofit legal service organization in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, is dedicated to empowering survivors of sex trafficking and sex work; the majority of Amara’s clients are women and girls of color who have experienced poverty, homelessness, and severe trauma as sex trafficking survivors. Through free, trauma-informed legal services, Amara advocates for civil protection orders, divorces, and criminal defense for survivors facing prostitution-related charges while being trafficked. Amara has helped more than 500 clients with over 800 legal cases in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

  • Tenet Law


    41% of all crime in the UK is fraud and Tenet Law is here to help. Founded by Arun Chauhan in 2016, Tenet Law focuses on disputes and compliance, specializing in fraud and financial crime. Their unique approach has seen the firm eliminate financial targets for attorneys and the billable hour for clients, so their team of 13 can focus solely on providing the best client service possible. This gives the team autonomy and freedom allowing the team to decide when and where they are most productive and to invest time on finding solutions and strengthening client relationships. The firm also operates with a flat structure with no hierarchy or titles, reducing internal competition and allowing for more efficient decision-making.

2022 Reisman Award Winners

  • Torrey Pines Law Group


    Founded by Kevin Buckey in 2013 with a focus on healthcare patent law, Torrey Pines Law Group had grown to four people in February 2020—and then the world changed. The firm pivoted to offering a full suite of patent services, becoming a one-stop shop for clients to bring lifesaving technologies and treatments to market, and now employs more than 20 people. We’re thrilled to present Torrey Pines Law Group with the 2022 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • The Daswani Law Co


    Geeta Daswani came from a family of entrepreneurial business owners and learned firsthand the legal struggles they faced. Geeta formed The Daswani Law Group to help. Based in London, England, the Daswani Law Group puts client experience first, from initial discovery calls all the way through to billing and payments. The firm’s focus on flexible payment plans helps provide her small business clients with access to her essential legal expertise, while alleviating the financial burden that often comes with legal services. We’re pleased to present The Daswani Law Co with the 2022 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

  • Koenig|Dunne


    Based in Omaha, 100% women-owned Koenig|Dunne discovered a massive access to justice gap in Nebraska, notably in the state’s poorer counties. To help meet Nebraskans’ legal needs, the firm launched Untie Online, a limited-scope divorce service offering education, information, resources, personalized legal documents, and attorney support at an affordable price. The mid-sizes firm embraces technology and has built a thriving culture of innovation to better serve their clientele. We’re proud to present Koenig|Dunne with the 2022 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation.

  • Creedon Law PLLC


    Community work is baked into Creedon Law PLLC’s culture. In late 2021 the Frisco, Texas-based firm launched its One Future Initiative, donating 5% of its revenue and 5% of its time to Good Works in the community. That’s just the tip of the iceberg: Creedon Law also created the Creedon Foundation to help children pursue their passions, and supports Conscious Capitalism as well as environmental and climate change initiatives. As a result, Creedon Law has become the first B-Corp certified law firm in Texas. We’re delighted to present Creedon Law PLLC with the 2022 Community Champion Reisman Award.

  • Rudder Law


    Andrew Rudder of Rudder Law—a Canadian firm focused on Catastrophic Impairment Law—set a goal of increasing BIPOC representation in the legal industry, as well as practicing law on his own terms. In just 1.5 years, Rudder Law has obtained a catastrophic impairment designation that increased policy limits from $65,000 to $1 million, and helped change an Ontario law that potentially discriminated against individuals based on geographic location. Andrew also published a book on the subject. After such a successful start, we’re thrilled to present Rudder Law with the 2022 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

  • Chartier & Nyamfukudza, P.L.C.


    Fighting the battle to exonerate those wrongfully accused and imprisoned is Chartier & Nyamfukudza, a criminal defense litigation firm. The firm engages in significant pro bono work, including four recent cases that resulted in the release of four wrongfully convicted individuals who had collectively spent 62 years in prison. C&N is not just committed to exonerating people—the firm has also exonerated 4 dogs who were unjustly on “doggie death row.” From exonerations to expungements, C&N is passionate about giving people—and dogs—their lives back. We’re pleased to present Chartier & Nyamfukudza, P.L.C. with the 2022 Reisman Legal Impact Award.

  • 402 Legal


    Originally from Togo, Karine Sokpoh has been an advocate for Nebraska’s immigrant, refugee, and BIPOC communities since she founded 402 Legal in 2011. In addition to her legal work—which includes representing hundreds of individuals in juvenile court and in immigration proceedings, at reduced rates—Karine created the Pitch Black competition to provide opportunities for funding, mentoring, and connection to diverse entrepreneurs. We’re proud to present 402 Legal with the first Reisman Award for Diversity & Inclusion.

2021 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2021 Excellence in Client Service: rb LEGAL

    “Listen first, solve second, care always.” Rebecca Bell has drawn on her history in the hospitality industry to provide an unparalleled experience to her clients in probate and estate planning. Rebecca and her team at rb LEGAL recognize that at the core of every legal matter are human beings. We’re proud to present rb LEGAL with the 2021 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

  • 2021 Best Growth Story: Stotler Hayes Group

    “Growth isn’t a strategy. It’s a result.” A multi-time Reisman Award finalist, Stotler Hayes Group has exemplified success since the firm was started by two lawyer moms who wanted to improve their work-life balance. Since starting, the firm has grown year over year and now includes over 45 full-time employees, including 27 attorneys practicing in over 40 states. We’re thrilled to present Stotler Hayes with the 2021 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • 2021 Legal Innovation: Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico

    Providing free legal education and support to low income individuals and communities in Puerto Rico, Ayuda Legal is redefining how the legal system can meet the needs of those who need it the most. Through a combination of digital tools and in-person advocacy, they’re singlehandedly transforming the legal landscape in Puerto Rico. We’re proud to present Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico with the 2021 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation.

  • 2021 Community Champion: Elder Law & Disability Rights Center

    Since their formation in 2017, The ELDR Center has pushed local leaders in Orange County to take an evidence-based, cost-effective, healthcare-oriented approach to a growing housing crisis. Exacerbated by COVID-19, the past year has been their busiest yet—and they’re just getting started. We’re proud to present the Elder Law & Disability Rights Center with the 2021 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • 2021 Best New Law Firm: Big Fire Law & Policy Group

    “If you can’t find a seat at the table, build your own table.” A 100% Native American-owned firm, Big Fire Law & Policy Group is built on a foundation of gender equity, pay equity and providing opportunities for attorneys of color, and has been able to build a culture of diversity and inclusion while scaling the firm to bold new heights. We’re thrilled to present Big Fire Law & Policy Group with the 2021 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

  • 2021 Legal Impact Award: Pinder Plotkin LLC

    A new award for 2021, the Legal Impact Award was opened to public voting, and it’s easy to see why they chose this firm. In the midst of the pandemic, Pinder Plotkin partnered with local first responders to offer free will services, providing invaluable legal services to a community that desperately needed them. We’re proud to present Pinder Plotkin LLC with the 2021 Reisman Award for Legal Impact.

2020 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2020 Excellence in Client Service: Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm

    The team at Ceiba Fôrte understands that navigating the legal system can be incredibly challenging for non-English speakers. To help its Spanish-speaking clientele with their civil, business, and employment matters, Ceiba Fôrte puts its clients at ease with creative solutions like Virtual Reality courtrooms, gamification, and visual charts. We’re proud to celebrate Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm with the 2020 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

  • 2020 Best Growth Story: Donato Law

    When a building fire and a flood struck Jodi Ann Donato’s law office—both in the same week—she didn’t let those disasters stop her. What would have been a devastating setback for most businesses pushed Jodi to be even more resilient, and she now has a thriving solo practice. We’re proud to present Donato Law with the 2020 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • 2020 Community Champion: Osborn Gambale Beckley & Budd PLLC

    The equal-access law firm of Osborn Gambale Beckley & Budd PLLC, a.k.a. Counsel Carolina, has a unique approach to closing the justice gap in North Carolina: The firm’s lawyers drive a 33-foot, retro-inspired RV around the state in order to provide legal services directly to underserved communities. We’re proud to recognize their achievements with the 2020 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • 2020 Legal Innovation: Roche Legal

    Rachel Roche knew that British will signing laws were outdated—the laws have been in place since 1837—so Rachel used technology to create 21st-century legal solutions; among other innovations, she created an online Will Writing and Lasting Power of Attorney service. For the firm’s efforts to transform the UK legal industry, we’re pleased to honor Roche Legal with the 2020 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation.

  • 2020 Best New Law Firm: Law Offices of Kristen A Schneck, LLC

    Having married an immigrant and gone through the legal immigration process on a personal level, Kristen Schneck understands the fears and anxiety her clients often experience. Because of this, she dedicated her practice to helping clients build new lives in America. We’re proud to honor Schneck Immigration Law with the 2020 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

2019 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2019 Best New Law Firm: Vanst Law

    Cynthia Morgan-Reed turned her experience being discriminated against in traditional law firms into a complete re-imagining of what law firm culture could be. We’re proud to honor Vanst Law with the 2019 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

  • 2019 Legal Innovation: Levine Family Law Group

    Erin Levine knew that most people involved in divorce proceedings were self-represented; so she created a guided app to help them navigate the process better. We’re pleased to honor her with the 2019 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation for her efforts to better serve the market.

  • 2019 Best Growth Story: Hamra Law Group

    For Abraham Hamra, his childhood spent emigrating from Syria and the lessons he learned as an immigrant have motivated him to build a thriving law firm. We’re proud to honor him with the 2019 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • 2019 Community Champion: Beacon Law

    Beacon Law provides essential legal services to the homeless population in Houston, Texas to restore dignity and opportunity to an underserved population. We’re proud to recognize their achievements with the 2019 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • 2019 Excellence in Client Service: Cascade Legal Planning

    Estate planning can be a complex and stressful endeavor, but Portland Oregon’s Cascade Legal Planning goes above and beyond to make it painless and…dare we say…fun for clients. We’re proud to honor them with the 2019 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

2018 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2018 Best Growth Story: T.Burd Law Group

    When starting her own solo practice, San Diego attorney Tara Burd knew success wouldn’t happen overnight. But she kept at it—accepting challenging cases with uncertain outcomes and networking night and day, knowing it would one day pay off. In 2017, five years after starting T.Burd Law Group, Tara cracked $1 million in annual profit for the first time—and Clio has been there every step of the way.

  • 2018 Law Firm Innovation: Modern Law

    Modern Law, a family law firm based in Mesa, AZ, has been using data analytics for the past eight years to innovate new ways of delivering services to clients. Now, they’ve turned their analytical eye to their internal culture, and business is booming as a result. We’re pleased to honor their devotion to data with this year’s Legal Innovation award.

  • 2018 Best New Law Firm: Morgan & Cumbas

    When Michael Anthony Morgan and José Javier Cumbas first met, José, a native of Puerto Rico, was simply looking for an opportunity to provide a better life for his family. In March 2016, with a $2,000 investment, they left their jobs and began working from a small two-bedroom apartment. Two years later, Morgan & Cumbas has grown their client base by over 2,000 percent, and are recognized as one of San Antonio’s preeminent immigration firms.

  • 2018 Community Champion: Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand

    Whether helping champion sustainable energy, social housing, or community projects, Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand—based in Burlington, Vermont—has built a thriving law firm while remaining true to their values, which are to make a difference with their practice.

2017 Reisman Award Winners

  • 2017 Law Firm Innovation: Vela Wood

    Vela Wood, a Dallas-based firm, successfully challenges industry norms with its commitment to making international travel accessible to their team. This year, two employees spent one month working and living abroad in the cities of Lisbon, Portugal and Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 2017 Best New Law Firm: Ergo Law

    Best New Law Firm honors a newcomer who has weathered the trials of entrepreneurship and come out on top. Cathy Donald and Emma Reid, directors of Ergo Law in Scotland, have turned a profit from their boutique law firm within a year of launch on the strength of valuable referrals.

  • 2017 Community Champion: The Hite Law Group

    The Hite Law Group in New Orleans bridges the justice gap between free legal aid and unaffordable market rate services with a specific emphasis on serving the LGBTQ community and adult and child survivors of intimate abuse.

  • 2017 Best Growth Story: ASA Law Group

    Cutting-edge technology and focusing on an end-to-end holistic law practice has helped ASA Law Group grow its employee base 533% and increase their revenue from $80K per year to $1.2 million per year, with a 60% profit margin—all while maintaining a focus on work/life balance for staff.

  • 2017 Community Champion: The California Innocence Project

    Since 1999, the California Innocence Project has been working tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted from California prisons. Processing more than 2,500 requests for assistance per year, the primarily student-staffed center of 42 attorneys, administrators, and volunteers has seen 27 wrongfully incarcerated inmates freed to date.

Named after Clio’s very first customer, the Reisman Awards are an annual celebration that recognize the amazing work being done by our customers. Read more about the Reisman Awards and nominate your firm today.