How Clio Helped Tenet Law Become a 7-Figure Law Firm

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Tenet Law

  • 2016

    Year Founded
  • 11-20

    Number of Staff
  • 2016

    Started Using Clio
  • Birmingham, UK

  • Mixed

    Fee Types
  • Criminal Law


    Practice Areas

Currently, 41% of all crime in the UK is fraud. As Arun Chauhan, founder of Tenet Compliance & Litigation (also known as Tenet Law) explains, fraud generates complex responses from victims, “emotions are heightened because you’ve been wronged.”

Fraud cases require empathetic treatment from lawyers—which is exactly what Arun and the team at Tenet Law do for clients.

“You hear people say that fraud is a victimless crime, but it ruins people’s lives. It can take away inheritance. It can divide families. It can divide the best of friends,” Arun says.

Arun’s drive to uncover the truth and help clients navigate the emotional pressures that arise with financial crimes was a major motivator when starting Tenet Law in 2016. Tenet Law’s strong focus on clients has won them The Reismans Award For Excellence in Client Service.

Clients just want to tell their story. They want someone to listen and say, ‘I get it.’ That’s part of why we’ve grown on recommendation and referral. People say it’s a good experience, even during this difficult situation.”

Creating exceptional client experiences

In order to deliver that expectational client experience, Tenet Law depends on having access to Clio’s tools and data in order to facilitate smoother workflows and to support them in making more informed decisions.

“Clio has allowed my staff to onboard easily, as it is such an easy to use system. Clio allows us to work flexibly and has supported the growth of our firm. Clio enables us to understand the firm’s finances end to end.”

“I wanted to find software that was innovative, because I wanted to bring efficiencies to what I was doing. I wanted software that financially was sensible and that didn’t tie me to a specific location, for example only working in the office, and Clio did all of that,” says Arun.

The fact that Arun didn’t have to pay an annual licensing fee, or need to invest in a server to store sensitive client documents made Clio an easy choice for the firm. 

Aside from security and cost-effectiveness, Arun also believed that Clio had the power to help the firm achieve a greater client experience. 

“If you don’t get that client service bit right, you don’t deserve to grow.”

Operating with ‘zero trauma’

Running a law firm is inherently challenging, but the right tools take much of the stress out of the business for Arun.

“If you want to make your life easier running a law firm, get Clio. It’s zero trauma, and it makes your law firm look better.”

Clio’s reporting features and Firm Feed, for example, helps provide full understanding of the firm’s habits and financial performance at a glance—especially when working with a remote team.

“It gives me a complete financial view of the firm, and that’s allowed us to be prudent,” Arun explains. “That’s bills going out the door, bills pending to go out. It’s all there every moment.”

“I’ll go on five or six times a day, and I know what’s happening. And that makes me feel quite calm.”

“Without Clio, I don’t think I would have had enough understanding of what’s going on in the business financially.” 

Work on cases instantly

From the start, Clio has made it simple for Tenet Law to support staff by making it easier for them to get to work—in the manner that best suits them.

“Clio’s helped in really driving the ability to work from anywhere,” Arun says.

“The flexibility of work and the flexibility of onboarding team members when we need them, Clio completely supported that. It’s really easy for them to learn.”

“With Clio software, we can get the job done quickly. We can save the client money. This fits with our values. This makes the client experience better. In my view that’s what great technology should do, and Clio delivers on every level.”

Why Tenet Law’s clients love Clio

Additionally, Clio has also simplified the onboarding process for Tenet Law and their clients, “which is a miracle” for Arun.

Tenet Law’s clients also love the convenience and detail that comes with the invoices the firm delivers through Clio.

“Clients love the transparency they get with our invoices, and they love the level of data we can give them.”

“It’s quick to use. It’s intuitive. It gives you the information you need. If you want to run a law firm, don’t run it without Clio.”

Clio is more than just a software company

With Clio powering the firm from the beginning, Arun has seen firsthand how Clio shares his values of innovation and client focus. In this way, Clio is more than just a tech provider for Arun.

“Clio is not a service provider—it’s your buddy.”

Beyond providing the firm with technical tools, Clio also inspires Arun to push harder to innovate and push the needle further on behalf of his clients.

“Clio really cares about the service I offer my clients. It appreciates that if my client has a great experience, my business will grow. That is exactly what has happened for me. By delivering an excellent service my business has thrived”

“I’ve been using Clio since 2016.  I have never once had a problem where Clio has been down or experienced disruption.”

Growing to a seven-figure firm

At Tenet Law, client experience is the beating heart of the practice, and that client focus has translated into steady law firm growth. 

“Every year since we have had Clio our business has grown financially, by around 20%” says Arun. Last year was a major achievement as it was the first year we’ve hit the seven-figure number.”

Beyond the obvious benefits of increased law firm profitability, Tenet Law’s success affirms how a client focus—powered by Clio’s technology—is a recipe for success.

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