Legal Time Recording Software

Record every minute spent composing emails, drafting letters, and performing other billable tasks—from anywhere, on any device. Increase your firm’s profitability with Clio’s easy-to-use time recording software.

Keep track of where your time and money is going

  • Record work hours for easy billing

    Keep accurate time records to generate and send bills to clients in seconds—and use Clio’s online payment solution (available to all Clio users in the UK) to get paid faster. Record time against customised billing plans, and bill based on hourly rates, flat fees, or on a contingency basis.

  • Track expenses with a few clicks

    Record disbursements or expenses immediately and eliminate the need to document and categorise later on. Keep a detailed record of all reimbursable expenditures at all times to simplify monthly reconciliations and easily produce reports in case of an audit.

  • Generate detailed time and expense reports

    Create customised and up-to-date reports on time records and expenses across your firm. Filter entries by date, case, staff, or status, and review reports at a glance from Clio or export them as PDF or CSV files.

Time recording that increases your profitability

  • Record all your billable and non-billable work

    Record time entries from calendar events, communication logs, and activity updates, so that every task gets accounted for. Record non-billable time to better understand where to improve efficiency.

  • Track time from your mobile device

    Use Clio’s mobile app to document recorded time and expenses while on the go. Collect more billable hours by recording them on the spot.

  • Record in real time

    Start and stop a timer in Clio to record time and log it automatically to the relevant case. Customise time entries with additional notes to review or include on a bill later.

  • Record or edit time entries at any time

    Correct recorded time after the fact. For example, if you forget to start a timer or leave it running, you can add or subtract minutes as needed to ensure every time entry is accurate.

  • Bill and get paid easily for recorded time

    Clio’s time recording software creates time entries that appear on your bills with a single click. Share invoices with clients and get paid faster by accepting online payments—all within Clio.

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