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When you work in an immigration law firm, there’s a lot for you to keep track of—and the smallest detail can be crucial to your client’s matter. Whether you’re dealing with visa applications, immigration and asylum law cases, deportation orders, or any other immigration law matter, you need a legal software designed for immigration law firms. 

That’s where Clio legal software can help. Use it as an immigration client management software and immigration case management system to be sure you never miss a critical date or vital detail, so you can concentrate on serving your clients’ needs better.

Clio’s immigration case management system

Stay on top of all current immigration and asylum law cases with ease. Access critical documents on the go with Clio’s all-in-one immigration case management system—from the office, on the go, or while meeting with a client.

  • Contact Management

    Find and organise matters by client name and keep immigration information for spouses and families connected and organised on your matters using the Related Contact function.

  • Matter Management

    Store all case and matter files in a centralised, online environment. Create Task Lists to keep track of what documents clients have given you and what’s still outstanding. Track different types of tasks and individual task statuses with Advanced Tasks, so you know when you can proceed with filing.

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  • Document Management

    Securely store all your immigration law firm’s files in one location for quick reference. Pull information from custom fields into templates to automatically create immigration documents, and share with clients via our secure client portal.

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Better immigration case organising—from intake to billing

Immigration law solicitors don’t have time to spend dealing with complex administrative processes. There’s a better way for immigration law firms to serve clients from start to finish.

  • Client intake made easy

    Establish an automated client intake process. Create shareable online intake forms tailored to different case types: deportation defence, marriage and work visas, or residency and citizenship matters. Store all key client information in an easy-to-use immigration client management system.

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  • Streamline key workflows

    By automating email follow-ups and data-entry, immigration law solicitors can spend more time focusing on high-value strategic tasks.

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  • Hands-free scheduling

    Sync your Google or Office 365 calendars to keep everything automatically updated and set forward-thinking reminders. Never miss a key court or matter deadline again.

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  • Time recording and billing

    Oversee your finances in Clio and directly export all financial data by integrating with your accounting software, including Xero, Quickbooks, Klyant, and The Cashroom.

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  • Legal aid

    Manage and invoice for legal aid work with ease with Clio’s legal aid case management software.*

    *Available to legal aid providers in England and Wales

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Immigration law software FAQs

What features does Clio’s immigration case management system include?

Clio’s immigration case management system is an end-to-end solution for immigration and asylum law firms. 

Detailed Task Lists outline all documents that the firm and individual staff have received—as well as those that are still outstanding. 

Immigration law solicitors can then create custom fields to sort and store specific details, such as passport numbers, dates of birth, or marital statuses. Using the Related Contacts feature when managing matters, they can keep all information pertaining to spouses or families connected and well-organised.

This information can then be pulled into templates—speeding up the process of creating immigration documents from scratch. 

Immigration lawyers can sync up their Office 365 and Google calendars, as well as set up reminders to ensure no deadline is ever forgotten. 

And if your immigration law firm is handling a case through legal aid, our new feature will expedite your claims to the Legal Aid Agency (available to legal aid practitioners in England and Wales).

Why should an immigration solicitor or immigration law firm use immigration client management software?

It can be hard for immigration law solicitors to stay on top of all details and documents when handling complex immigration cases. Clio is designed to make this easier. 

Clio’s immigration case management capabilities allow immigration law firms to easily collect, organise, and manage their wealth of client documentation. This saves time on client intake and onboarding and helps firms to collect and manage key information from the first time a prospective client contacts them. 

What is an immigration CRM and how is it used?

Cloud-based immigration client relationship management (CRM) systems allow immigration law solicitors to easily manage and maintain their client relationships. Take Clio Grow, for example, which is included as part of Clio Suite. With it, you can gain in-depth oversight of your clients and potential clients, right from the first contact.

View potential clients in Clio Grow’s centralised Matter Pipeline. Integrate it with your website and potential new clients will automatically appear in your Lead Inbox. 

When they’re ready to be onboarded, simply create custom intake forms and share them with new clients. Once they submit their information, this will go straight into Clio Grow—without you having to lift a finger. 

Clio Grow will act as your immigration law firm’s all-in-one client database and immigration CRM. Search, tag, and filter contact lists—and stay on top of your ever-growing list of clients.

Who can benefit from using case management software or immigration forms software?

Every single immigration law firm can benefit from using software that can assist in preparing immigration forms.

With an automated and customisable immigration form preparation software, such as Clio’s document management software capabilities, your immigration law solicitors and other members of your firm can create custom forms that are tailored to each specific case type. Sync these across to your other immigration law platforms and ensure that your team is all working with the same information. 

Generate detailed, accurate forms from scratch in just seconds. With immigrations forms software, you can spend more time on strategic work and eliminate manual data-entry. 

But don’t just take our word for it—check out our immigration case management software reviews.

There’s a reason why Clio has 1,000+ reviews on Capterra, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and 200+ reviews on G2 Crowd with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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