Criminal Law Software

As a criminal defence lawyer, ensuring your time is freed up to concentrate on your clients’ matters is paramount. If you’re looking for criminal law software that can keep up, Clio’s case management software has you covered. With it, you can focus your efforts on protecting your clients instead of keeping track of files, court dates, and administrative tasks.

Thanks to our bank-grade security, you’ll never again have to worry about your clients’ (or your firm’s) privacy.


Criminal Law Software

Criminal law software

With Clio, criminal defence law firms can concentrate on their clients’ needs instead of filing and other administrative tasks.

  • Easier matter management

    Trust in a cloud-based criminal case management system that works. Store case and matter files in a centralised, online environment. Use task lists and templates to simplify the process of collecting, reviewing, and organising your criminal law firm’s legal forms and documents.

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  • Onboard clients efficiently

    Enjoy effortless onboarding, thanks to our automated client intake forms, available as part of Clio’s client relationship management (CRM) solution Clio Grow, and direct integrations. Build a detail-orientated case in one paperless, cost-efficient step.

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  • Stay on top of your legal calendaring

    Keep track of your whole criminal defence firm’s schedule so nothing falls through the cracks. Update case milestones, share appointments with clients, and sync your Office 365 or Google Calendar events with Clio.

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  • Work from anywhere

    Whether you’re in the courthouse or visiting a client in prison, or working from the office or at home, never miss a case detail or opportunity to record your time or an important piece of information with Clio’s Mobile App (iOS/Android).

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  • Reduce errors and stay secure

    Take your evidence into the cloud. With infinite storage and bank-grade security, Clio supports any file type—removing the need to store paper files and reducing overhead, while securing client data.

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  • Take care of legal aid clients

    Clio is proud to support criminal defence lawyers in England and Wales serving legal aid clients. Our legal aid case management software, available from the office or on the go, supports management and invoicing of criminal controlled legal aid matters.

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Criminal Law Software FAQs

What is criminal law software?

Criminal law software is legal software designed to make organising criminal legal matters and running a firm easier, more secure, and more efficient. 

Clio’s criminal law software takes care of the basics, leaving criminal law firms to care of their clients’ cases. 

Client onboarding is reduced down to a single step with Clio’s CRM solutions for legal firms, Clio Grow. Key information is collected once and then applied throughout document-intensive family law workflows. Firm management becomes a breeze. 

With Clio’s criminal law software, criminal defence solicitors can better manage their time, their workload, and their clients.

What does criminal law software do?

Criminal law software enables criminal defence solicitors to manage their cases, communications, and deadlines from one single place. 

Thanks to cloud-based matter and document management, criminal law barristers, solicitors, or anyone in a law firm can securely store critical files and access them on the go—whether they’re at the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, in the office, or at their home. 

They can easily assign, manage, and complete all outstanding tasks. 

By integrating key tools (such as Outlook, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox), criminal law firms can create an interconnected tech ecosystem. This criminal case management system will serve as an all-in-one resource for all witness and character statements, client communications, upcoming appointments, and so on. 

Finally, Clio’s criminal law software’s billing feature and client accounting integrations significantly reduce time spent creating and chasing client invoices. 

Can a criminal case management system improve how criminal law firms work?

Criminal case management systems can indeed make criminal law firms more efficient, accurate, and productive. They take care of low-value, administrative tasks, allowing criminal defence solicitors to focus on what they do best: helping their clients. 

Criminal defence lawyers can store all key documents in one single place. No longer will they have to waste valuable time digging around for the right document, left in the wrong place.

They can dive into all their criminal defence firm’s client communications, deadlines, and workflows in a single cloud-based portal. 

Once they have completed a case, Clio’s criminal law case management software makes it easy for criminal law firms, including criminal law barristers and solicitors, to invoice clients. Plus, our legal aid case management software can even expedite claims to the Legal Aid Agency (England and Wales only). 

The result of all this? Increased firm-wide efficiency—and significantly improved performance. 

Is Clio secure?

Yes—it certainly is. Clio’s criminal case management system utilises bank-grade encryption. We’re dedicated to staying up to date with the latest cybersecurity developments. Clio conducts regular, rigorous security tests, and we’re fully GDPR compliant, helping you to ensure the security of your files and better SRA compliance.

I’m a criminal law barrister. Is Clio right for me?

Clio was built with legal professionals in mind, meaning all criminal defence lawyers, including criminal law barristers, can benefit from using it. 

Our criminal case management system allows criminal defence barristers to do more with less effort, providing them with three main benefits: more time, less hassle, and fewer errors. 

With Clio, you can automate low-value tasks and streamline workflows with automated intake forms and document templates, custom fields, and task lists. 

This is especially important given that criminal defence firms are helping their clients during incredibly tough times. Defendants need reassurance—and likely have plenty of questions to ask their criminal defence lawyer. 

By letting Clio improve the time you spend on admin, criminal defence barristers can spend more time with your clients during emotionally challenging periods, instead of on back-end processes. 

With more time and fewer administrative hurdles, criminal defence barristers can focus their energy on what’s important—their clients’ cases. This will lead to fewer errors and missed deadlines and greater peace of mind all around. 

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