Clio’s Intuitive Mobile App

Access your firm from anywhere, at any time, with Clio’s mobile app.

Complete work wherever you are

Record time and access your cases, documents, contacts, notes, and calendar from your mobile device.

Clio Mobile App for Solicitors UK
  • Create entries with one click

    Create entries for time, contacts, cases, calendar events, and more from the Clio mobile app with Clio’s Global Create feature.

  • Record every billable moment

    Collect more billable hours by recording them from the Clio mobile app. Assign accurate time entries to specific cases—whether it’s a phone call, email, or appointment.

  • Keep track of office and client expenses

    Log disbursements or expenses immediately to avoid having to document and categorise them later. Simplify monthly reconciliations by maintaining up-to-date financial records at all times.

  • Stay connected across all platforms

    Get full visibility from your mobile app. Clio’s calendar automatically connects and updates your Google and Microsoft Office 365 apps.

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Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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