What’s new in Clio

Learn how the new and enhanced features in Clio will help you serve your clients better and keep your firm running smoothly in a rapidly changing environment.

Last updated January 2024

New product features in Clio

  • Fast-track matter creation between Manage and Grow

    Get even more time back in your day with our update to matter templates. 

    You can now apply matter templates to, all your existing matters in Clio Manage and matters that have been created in Clio Grow.


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  • Clio Grow Automated Workflows

    You can now custom build automated intake workflows and add tasks to automated workflows in Grow giving you more ways to automate your intake process.

    Adding tasks to your workflow means you or others will automatically be notified when it’s time to complete an action.

    When an automated workflow is running and gets to a task, the next steps will not proceed until the task is marked as complete. This makes adding a task to your workflow ideal for when you need to review client details or complete other manual actions before proceeding onto the next steps of your intake process.

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  • Siri start and stop timer

    iOS users now have a fast, convenient, and hands-free way to start and stop timers. Just say ‘Siri start timer in Clio’ to start the timer, then ‘Siri stop timer in Clio’ to stop it. 

    After the timer is stopped, Siri will ask the activity was and matter to add it to, and will to record the time entry.

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  • Block user access to a matter

    Firm admins can now restrict users from accessing a matter when necessary by using the Block users functionality. 

    This can be done individually within the matter or in mass via matter Bulk Edit.

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  • Clio Drive: Enhanced Sorting and Folder Options

    Elevate your Clio Drive experience with custom limits and last name sorting. Switch to sorting contacts by last names for quick and efficient client identification in Clio Drive.

    Manage high volumes of case documents efficiently with Folder Limit Options in Clio Drive. Customise folder display limits up to 5,000 items per folder to access  your documents with ease.


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  • Set your client portal notification preferences

    Customise which messages you want to be notified about. In your notification settings you can now customise your client portal notification preferences to enable or disable notifications for when other firm members share messages, bills, calendar events, or documents with clients.

    To cut down on noise, notifications for when bills are shared with clients are turned off by default. Notifications for when messages, calendar events, or documents are shared with clients are turned on by default.

    Review and adjust your notification settings
  • Simplified Product UI Payment Success UK

    More convenient ways to get paid

    New releases to Clio Payments allows clients to pay by Apple Pay and Google Pay, BACS bank transfer, and payment plans. 

    With Clio Payments, your law firm can:

    • Stop chasing payments. Give clients the flexibility to pay by debit or credit card, digital wallets, or BACS Payment anytime, anywhere.
    • Remove the stress of large, unexpected legal bills. Payment plans break down large bills into manageable instalments that work for you and your client.  


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Popular product enhancements

Matter templates

Fast track the matter creation process and get more time back in your day by creating easy to use templates, filled with preset information. 

Create different templates for different types of matters, and have up to 200 different templates for the firm’s account.

Increase efficiency across client communications

Seamlessly send and receive emails and documents right from within Clio Manage through our Outlook and Gmail integrations. 

Emails can be created from the main Communications tab, from the matter or contact Communications subtab, or from the global Create new button.

Clio for Clients is now available in Spanish

Clients can change their preferred language in Clio for Clients to either English or Spanish. The language selector is available in both the mobile app and web browser versions of Clio for Clients. 

When Spanish is selected, copy within the portal will switch to Spanish and remain that way when accessed in future sessions. The Clio for Clients email notifications clients receive will also be in Spanish.

Increase productivity through the Clio Mobile App

Use the camera on your phone to scan documents into accessible PDFs. 

You can also view bills on the go, meaning all of your billing information and details are on hand, when you need it, in the mobile app.

Clio announcements

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