What’s new in Clio

Learn how the new and enhanced features in Clio will help you serve your clients better and keep your firm running smoothly in a rapidly changing environment.

Last updated September 2023

New product features in Clio

  • Clio Matter Templates

    Accelerate matter creation with templates

    Get more time back in your day with easy-to-use templates filled with preset information. Plus, improve consistency and accuracy of information across all your cases.

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  • Clio Manage Case Management Matter Stages Animation

    Visualise your matters and progress them across stages

    Create custom stages and move matters across boards to reflect progress in real time. With greater insights on matter timelines at a glance, prevent bottlenecks, prioritise, and quickly take action on matters that need attention.

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  • Clio Payments - Payment received notification

    Clio Payments now available in the UK

    With Clio Payments, you can simplify collections at your firm by accepting debit and credit card payments—with no third-party integration and client accounting compliance. You’ll get:

    • Clear, transparent pricing. Always know what you’re paying with transparent, upfront pricing and no monthly subscription cost.
    • Convenience for you, and your clients. Give your clients more convenient ways to pay—and spend less time chasing overdue bills.
    • Everything in one place. Access real-time payments reports and get the support you need, directly from Clio.


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  • Contact Permissions

    You can now manage and limit users’ access and visibility to contacts they created or contacts related to their matters. Protect sensitive client information by ensuring users only see contact information related to their matters. 

    With this new setting comes:

    • Granular permissions over who has access to what client information across the firm
    • Increased privacy around your firm’s client contact information


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  • Billing Rate Report

    You can gain visibility into all client billing rates at a glance. 

    This report pulls a list of matters, users, and lists their client and matter billing rates into one easy to review CSV report. Easily identify which clients, staff, or practice areas bring in the most revenue and have greater control over your productivity and profitability. 

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  • Scheduled Reports Update

    Wave goodbye to manually scheduling reports. You can now:

    • Get reports delivered to your inbox every two months, quarterly or any interval up to 12 months. 
    • Enable report generation at a future date of your choice i.e. an ‘effective from’ date.


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  • Screenshot of Clio mobile app

    Create Matters Using the Mobile App

    You can create new matters, and edit existing ones, using the mobile app. When creating a matter using the mobile app you can create a new contact, input the key matter details and custom fields, and configure the permissions and billing preferences.

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  • Matter Permission Enhancements

    Granular matter permissions that offer the flexibility to select users and groups for Matter access, and new Firm Admin matter tooling to reduce risk and ensure compliance. 

    These enhancements will allow firms to:

    • Eliminate the need for bespoke user groups, for better system clarity
    • Precision in matter assignment improves their privacy and security posture, in support of their duty of confidentiality 
    • Improve confidence and control for Firm Admins, who can now see all matters and ensure that they are assigned properly


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Popular product enhancements

Get more organised and save time setting up a matter with document folders

Clio Management matter document folders

Introducing document folders to the matter creation form! This new feature enables you to:

  • Create, name and categorise document folders during the matter creation process, allowing for easy organisation from the start.
  • Save time and effort by creating multiple folders at once, instead of having to manually create them one-by-one after a matter is created.
  • Focus on your clients, by being able to keep your documents organised and easily accessible, making the management of your matters more efficient.

Run Clio Drive on startup

Document management with Clio

You now have enhanced control over your device’s performance. You can now set the Clio Desktop app to automatically launch when you turn on your device. Once enabled, Clio Drive will automatically start too, saving you time, reducing the need to manually launch the app, and giving you quicker access to your documents.

Show non-billable activities on a bill

Time and expense recording with Clio

You can now record time entries or expenses as non-billable when generating new bills in Clio Manage and choose whether or not they appear on a client’s bill.

With this feature, you’ll benefit from:

  • More flexibility to suit your billing needs
  • Greater accuracy with reporting
  • Efficient bill generation

Tighten your KYC compliance

KYC checks on Matters

If you are located in the UK, Ireland, or Isle of Man, this section will appear when you add a person or company contact to a new matter.

With this feature, your firm can be Lexcel compliant and you can perform risk assessments when opening and closing a matter and against the contact. Checks at the contact level will not feed into the matter, but checks at the matter level integrate with checks in the contact card and can be viewed in both the contact and matter dashboards.

Prepay status for disbursements

Pre-paid status on disbursements

You can add prepaid amounts to disbursements from the new / edit expenses modal in Clio Manage. All firm users can edit prepaid amounts to disbursements.

You can also export to CSV for easier visibility.


Assign multiple awards to a matter

Assign multiple awards to a matter

You now have the option to add more than one award to the same matter. With this added functionality, you’ll have:

  • Greater flexibility with your contingency workflow when more than one award is present for that matter
  • Improved efficiency, as all activities related to different awards can now be captured in the same matter
  • A more accurate reflection of awards and associated funds related to that matter

Attendees can now easily add events to their calendar

Manage calendar events Clio

To help reduce no-shows, you can now notify contacts of an upcoming event by email, and the email includes a quick option to add the event to their calendar.

Client account reconciliation right from Clio, in a fraction of the time

Simple image showing product interface of Clio Client Account Reconciliation feature

Working with client funds and reconciling regularly doesn’t have to be a headache. Start reconciling your accounts all from one place by selecting the account and clicking reconcile.

Clio announcements

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