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image of an online review

How Lawyers Can Build a Positive Online Reputation

What’s the first thing you do when seeking a new product or professional service? You Google it—either to research your options, get contact information, or to look for reviews.

Image of a laptop with a picture of a cloud on the screen

How to Check if Your Law Firm Software is Fully Cloud-Based

It seems like everything’s on the cloud these days—from your vacation photos to your most-important documents—but is your law firm taking full advantage of cloud computing solutions?

How to Save Time at Work and Boost Your Mental Health as a Lawyer

The dangers of poor mental health in law firms have made plenty of headlines lately. Here’s how to save time and boost your mental health at work.

6 Tips for More Efficient Law Firm Billing

Billing is the last step in your client's journey with your firm, and by making it as pleasant as possible, you’ll pave the way for good reviews, a strong reputation, and maybe even a few…

How Law Firms Save Money With Cloud Computing

Think about all costs associated with your law firm as you evaluate on-premise software or cloud-based software for legal practice management.

3 Benefits for Lawyers Using the Cloud Under GDPR

How are you making sure your law firm is compliant under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Here are three reasons why the cloud is one of your most useful tools.

The Quick Guide to Cloud Computing for Law Firms

This guide covers the basics of cloud computing for law firms. Read it to learn about key features of cloud-based software, tools lawyers use, and more.

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Case Management Software

Choosing the right case management software is critical for your law firm. Here’s what you need to look at in order to make the best decision.

How Lawyers Can Respond to Enquiries Faster and Get More Clients

Find out why responding quickly to potential clients matters, and how your firm can respond faster to get more clients.

4 SRA Compliance Tips for Law Firms

How can solicitors ensure they’re following SRA Accounts Rules? John Gilmartin of legal accounting solution Klyant shares his four top tips.