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From improvements in their client service and billing, to our own interface and customer support, our customers are singing the praises of Clio—how it helps them build better practices and achieve their goals. Here’s what they are saying.

I work in the cloud without an office or staff. Before Clio I had a mixture of spreadsheets, email, calendars, file folders and documents. Clio helped me bring all of that together in one secure location that I can access from anywhere.

Stephen Oldham


Stephen Oldham Solicitors, Staffordshire, England

Avery Law

Avery Law LLP

See how this London firm has embraced a modern, virtual model for practising law with Clio.

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During the COVID-19 crisis it is essential for our firm to provide uninterrupted client service while shifting to a remote office environment. Clio empowered us to make the transition to working from home—quickly and securely!

Geeta Daswani


The Daswani Law Co, London

Rachel Roche

Roche Legal

Roche Legal

Rachel Roche—England’s Sole Practitioner of the Year—uses Clio to work from anywhere and fuel her success.

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Clio is working really well for me. I estimate that I have increased my fee income by £1000 per week since I started using it. Everything is logged and detailed, including VAT calculations. The discipline is now established, which is a great benefit of the system. I don’t do anything without using Clio and that gets reinforced when I see the daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

John Reilly


Sentinel Employment Law, Scotland

Clio's secure accessibility across multiple devices ensures everyone on our team can see what they need to do and can pull together no matter where in the world they may be. Centralised document management and secure communication via Clio Connect are also big bonuses. The fact that we can get all of this and more from one platform puts Clio head and shoulders above its competitors.

Peter Wright


Managing Director of Digital Law and Chair of the Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee at the Law Society, Barnsley, England

Choosing Clio has been the best decision I’ve made as a sole practitioner. Clio has transformed how we work. With clients across the country, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we deliver our services. Our new secure client communication portal means we can share updates and documents that need signing immediately with clients — helping us to be quicker and more environmentally friendly. For me, the best thing about Clio is being able to access our files securely from anywhere. All of it means we can be the best law firm for our clients.

Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE


SKB Law, Bradford, England

Edmans & Co: Changing the Practice of Immigration Law

Edmans & Co

Chancery Lane-based immigration solicitors David and Emil change lives with Clio.

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Clio has allowed Carreg Law to be agile. We can provide our clients a better and more personal service. Fee earners can obtain information in real time and with ease, using the device they feel most comfortable using. Clio integrates with other software systems we use and is device, hardware, and software agnostic. The software is very user friendly with limited training needed for new employees.

Edward Friend


Carreg Law, Llandeilo, Wales

The decision to have Clio as our Practice Management System has been the best business decision we have made at Navigate Business Recovery. The system should be used by all legal practices in the industry. It is easy, user friendly and the cost is no more than a pizza and a glass of wine for 2!

Vee Bharakda & Donna Aldrich


Navigate Business Recovery, Buckinghamshire, England

Our immigration practice just started using Clio. I have used case management systems before and Clio is the most flexible and easy to use. The sales team are helpful and not pushy. The ongoing support is excellent, you can book a training session when you need one or use the online support centre. I would definitely recommend Clio.

Gabriella Bettiga


MGBe Legal, London, England

We had been on the lookout for a new case management system encompassing all that we need. We determined a 20 point checklist of specific requirements that included: the ability to record time, the option to customise data fields, and a system that could link to our existing accounting system. Clio ticked all 20 boxes. The intuitive and clear interface is the perfect solution for us. If we ever have any questions, the Clio support team are always helpful and quick to respond.

Jonathan Eshkeri


E&G Solicitors in Spain, London, England

Emma Reid and Cathy Donald

Ergo Law

See how these Scottish lawyers confidently started their own practice with Clio.

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Clio makes going solo a viable option for more people than ever before, which is a good thing for the profession and for clients. Clio is user-friendly, has good features, and looks great from the client’s perspective, especially when using the client portal—Clio Connect. Unlike some competitors, Clio's subscription contract is fair and does not tie you in surreptitiously through document encryption and download limits. Best of all, from a Sole Practitioner’s point of view (which I am), it is a highly cost-effective and affordable way to establish yourself as a new start-up law firm.

Geoff Peter


Wingrove Law, Holgate, York, England

We love Clio. It’s the best practice management software we’ve ever used. The service and support is second-to-none. We almost want to keep Clio secret – it’s our unfair advantage over the competition.

Louise Coyne


Coyne Partners, London, England

My firm started with Clio just over a year ago. The transfer process was well executed and caused minimum delay and fuss. The staff at Clio were excellent, going out of their way to provide training and resources to bring everyone up to speed quickly. We continue to utilise and explore the many Clio features which bring added value and time saving to our business.

Greg Ryan (DSBA President).

Greg Ryan


Greg Ryan Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland

Clio is an awesome case management and billing tool which, as a niche IP practice, saves us a ton of time. The interface is clear and attractive, the reporting functionality is great. Being cloud based and having well developed tablet and smart phone apps means that you can work normally whilst on the move. Also you get new features and functionality improvements coming out all the time so the app remains the pack leader. I have no hesitation in recommending Clio to other law practices.

Bill Ward


Ward Trade Marks Limited, Bury St Edmunds, England

As a sole practitioner, running my own practice can sometimes be overwhelming. It is important that I have systems and processes that help my practice operate seamlessly, without compromising my clients’ interests. Clio does this and much more- an efficient case management software, it helps me bill accurately, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as generating bills or archiving. Most importantly Clio is cloud based which means that my clients’ information is always safely stored. I trust the platform completely, meaning I can spend less time worrying and more time running my business.

Geeta Daswani


The Daswani Law Co, London, England

I decided to set up my own compliance and litigation practice after leaving an international law firm where I was a partner. I could see the evolution of remote working practises, especially for niche law firms. Clio fitted with my goals, providing key information and offering so much more for collaborative working. With Clio I was able to successfully support remote working and therefore build a practice with lower overheads. Over the past 3 years Clio has become the essential tool for our firm's growth and we have been shortlisted for numerous awards, including awards for innovation.

Arun Chauhan​


Tenet Law, Birmingham, England

Clio made the decision to work for myself a really easy one. The ability to work anywhere, on any device, and to have the wealth of management information to hand is fantastic. There’s plenty of scope to accommodate the business as it grows, and the web-based nature means that new features are added regularly. Clio frees up time and gets rid of hassle; it allows me to just get on with doing what I want to do.

Simon Sellars


Sellars Legal, Belfast, Northern Ireland

After 3.5 years, we needed to ditch the spreadsheets and become case management pros. Clio was an absolute no-brainer for our boutique Employee Relations consultancy. Clio's inbuilt timer makes time tracking and invoicing every Consultant’s dream. The ability to log all communication against the relevant matter in Clio means we can keep a comprehensive audit trail of how things are progressing and any legal advice we have given. Clio has transformed the way we manage the business.

Nathan Andrews


Okana Group, Bournemouth, England

Clio is easy to use. For example, it is quick to open and close matters, add or delete users, and record time. The support service is great—both on the phone or through the platform messaging/chat service. It is also a cost-effective service.

Owen Mason


Vermeylen Law, Bristol, England

Clio is the ideal case management platform for both local and international firms. User-friendly and reliable, Clio has all the basic functions we need but also allows us to explore additional features as our firm grows. Clio has been with us from the outset and is an important factor for our firm’s efficiency and success.

Mahir Hamurcu


ADVOJUST, Hamburg (Germany) – Istanbul (Turkey) – London (England)

Clio makes it simple for me access all my client information in one place; calendars, invoicing, contact details, files, and documents. Clio saves me time. Being new to the legal profession, I have found the training modules very useful and I can tailor the information that is inputted into Clio to suit the needs of my business.

Kathy Lockwood


Real Employment Law Advice, Isle of Wight, England

When setting up our new practice, we spoke with a variety of legal software providers in order to determine the best one to use. We were drawn to Clio because of its user-friendly and straightforward platform. Clio has been with us since our launch and our team were quick to become familiar with it. Clio has enhanced our overall efficiency and assisted us enormously with our practice, making billing faster, time recording easier and case management very convenient. I would definitely recommend Clio to others.

James Ramsden


Astraea Group, London, England

Clio is an easy to use, smooth case management platform. I find it very simple to add and manage client details and matters. My favourite Clio feature is time recording, it is so simple. From stopping and starting the timer within the app to manually inputting time, everything is very quick and easy. It also helps that the software looks good!

Emma Barrow


McCue & Partners LLP, London, England

Clio has increased my efficiency and hence the firm's profitability. I am less stressed because I am able to easily manage my day-to-day workflow using Clio both on my mobile and desktop. The Clio support is great, I found my initial training session extremely helpful. However, I haven't needed to contact support too often as the online help centre is so comprehensive

Hannen Beith


Consultant, Addis Law, Oxford, England

The Law Society is delighted to be endorsing Clio and their completely cloud-based case management software. We identified Clio as a supplier which suits our members’ needs, especially as business efficiency is central to performance.

Simon Drane


Law Society of England and Wales

Clio is a fantastic system that provides much utility and organisation throughout the tenure of my work. The main benefits we enjoy comprise of the ability to record and report on valuable management information, improving the way we do business

Ben Hughes


Scott Robert LLP, Manchester, England

Clio has made management of clients, matters, and invoicing for us as a law firm a breeze. It is a fantastic service for professional firms and especially young law firms such as ours. I highly recommend Clio.

Jai Singh


Alston Asquith, London, England

Clio makes every day life much easier, particularly with document automation and billing. Also, the support staff are very helpful and keen to help with any queries.

Katie Murray


Clifford Johnston Solicitors, Stockport, England

Clio is very user friendly and helps us comply with SRA rules and regulations.

Kim Ashfield


Intrust Advisory Limited, London, England

Clio is very simple to use. I have used many different case management systems over many years and Clio is the quickest to get up and running on. Even people with very little experience can easily learn how to use Clio and, best of all, it saves us all lots and lots of time.

Shirlee Gardiner


Farha & Associates, London, England

Best case management system I've used in 15 years of working in law firms! Love it!

Melanie Pickering


Roche Legal, York, England

I did my research, I read all the blogs, and tried out many of the other practice management solutions. Clio was far and away the best solution.

Kate Colleary


Colleary & Co, Dublin, Ireland

I am very happy with the Clio software which enables me to run my legal practice efficiently and effectively. The customer service from Clio is exceptional which means that I can always get the help I need to learn new aspects of the software and continually improve my client care. The Clio team is approachable, knowledgeable, professional and reliable - which is exactly what my business requires.

Katie Beckett


The Notary Solution, Harrogate, England

I chose Clio primarily because it’s in the cloud and therefore accessible from anywhere and secure. I also particularly liked the look of the interface, it’s fresh and modern. It also integrates with programs that I already use, such as Dropbox and Xero for accounting. Clio also seems to be continually working on improving their systems and integrations, unlike some more dated, locally hosted systems. There are also various forums and people talking about Clio online and sharing their know-how. I get the impression that Clio is an ambitious business which is how I like to see my own firm, and I like that.

Rachel Roche


Roche Legal, York, England

As a student run endeavour, we’ve found Clio most valuable in the area of multi-platform data sharing and communication, as well as being a secure information upload facility capable of advanced automation. The systems clarity, transparency, and simple user interface have been the primary reasons for its successful implementation in our organisation. Through its emphasis on automated time-saving features, Clio has proven to be one of the most efficient tools at our disposal.

Szymon Durlo


Edinburgh Napier Law Clinic, Scotland

Clio has become an integral part of the learning experience here at the Sunderland Student Law Clinic. Clio is both accessible and comprehensive and our students have found it very easy to use this software as a platform for their practical studies. We have also found Clio to be an excellent resource which outperforms other professional case management resources largely due to its user-friendly design. Thanks to Clio we have been able to provide our students with genuine experience using case management software which has better prepared them for a career in the legal industry.

Josh Edwards


Sunderland Student Law Clinic, England

Clio has changed our business from the outset. We are managing time better and all our tasks flow seamlessly. I researched before we committed and I am only too delighted to recommend them. I believe often it’s the support service that makes or breaks a solution and the Clio Team are simply exceptional.

Duncan Sims


Lawbrook Grace LLP, Melton Mowbray, England

We are delighted that Clio has joined our Members’ Benefit Scheme offering a practice management system tailored for legal practices. Having efficient IT processes is central to business performance and Clio’s cloud-based solution can help firms deliver these.