How Clio Grow helped this law firm convert 50% more clients

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Lara Evans Unique Legal Clio Grow

Ubique Legal

  • 2021

    Year Founded
  • 7 - 10

    Number of Staff
  • 2021

    Started Using Clio
  • Birmingham, UK

  • Fixed fee


    Fee Types
  • Property Law

    Real Estate

    Practice Areas

In 2021, solicitor Aled Evans and partner and office manager Lara Evans decided to go it alone and set up Ubique Legal. Over the past couple of years, Birmingham-based Ubique Legal has grown from being a two-person practice operating out of a single bedroom into a seven-employee-strong law firm specialising in real estate, landlords, and property law. 

That rapid growth has been incredibly rewarding for Lara and Aled, both professionally and financially, but Lara says it would not have been possible without Clio’s legal software, particularly Clio’s client intake and legal client relationship management software Clio Grow.

“Clio Grow literally saved our practice,” Lara explains. “We had more leads coming in than we knew what to do with, and we knew our reputation would suffer if we let them slip through the cracks. Fortunately, we found Clio just in time.”

How Clio Grow helped save Ubique Legal

Ubique Legal benefits from having a well-defined niche and strong offering. Its fixed fee package for possession claims, in particular, helped the firm build a stellar reputation among local landlords—so much so that a massive 65% to 70% of the firm’s leads (potential clients) now come through referrals from other landlords. Building this pipeline of leads and referrals is important; however, there’s little point in generating an influx of leads unless you have a system to manage them. 

Clio Grow helps Ubique Legal optimise its marketing spend, manage leads, boost conversion rates, and simplify client intake, while eliminating duplicate work. Lara explains how the firm uses it to maximum effect:

1. Optimising their marketing approach

Ubique Legal is now riding the referrals wave—but it hasn’t always been able to rely on its stellar reputation. The firm had to start like everyone else, attracting leads through traditional marketing channels. 

Today, Ubique Legal manages all its marketing activity through Clio Grow and tracks every lead the firm receives through Clio Grow. For example, it uses the Tag feature to track its Google Calls and contacts made through forms that are hosted on the firm’s website, and to analyse how many leads it generates from its quarterly marketing campaigns with the National Residential Landlord Association (NRLA).

The firm no longer needs to track phone calls on disparate pieces of paper or spend money on ‘spray and pray’-type campaigns. It can instead track everything within a single source of truth, directly linking inbound leads to the marketing campaigns that led them to get in touch. 

“Clio Grow allows us to keep track of where we spend our marketing budget and how much return on investment (ROI) we generate from each channel. It’s an indispensable marketing tool—we couldn’t imagine running our firm without it.”

2. Managing leads at scale

Generating leads is just the first step. Firms must then manage them effectively, converting prospects into fully paying clients. 

Ubique Legal uses Clio Grow’s Tags feature to seamlessly categorise and manage its lead data. For instance, while most of its revenue comes from fixed-fee work, the firm tags higher-value variable rate leads according to their marketing source and uses colour coding to distinguish potential clients that are likely to bring in higher revenue. This helps the team understand how to attract similarly high-value clients moving forward. 

“Checking those tags helps us to see where we get our biggest revenue.”

Beyond tags alone, the firm’s staff also records any other potential useful information about a client within Clio Grow, such as if they have any referral relationships. Because of this, the team can always map out who got in touch, when, via which channel, and whether they have an existing relationship with another client. 

Then, when the time comes to convert the lead to a client, the information is ready to sync to Clio’s practice management software Clio Manage. 

“It’s easy to do all your data entry in Grow,” Lara says. “Then, we sync to Manage. For clients with multiple matters, the custom fields distinguish those matters before you send them to Clio Manage. I find that really useful.” 

Clio Grow provides a better lead intelligence database and helps Ubique Legal manage potential customers on becoming future clients.

“We’ve had instances where someone’s called, we entered in their details, and then we never hear back from them. Suddenly, they get back in touch months (or even years) later and we can immediately pick the conversation back up from where it left off. Clio Grow makes us seem so professional—prospects are always astounded that we remember who they are.”

3. Bringing cold leads back to life

How do you make sure your client intake process doesn’t miss out on potential clients who are not quite ready to become clients but who could later? If you’re Ubique Legal, you use Clio Grow to keep track of them. 

Ubique Legal uses Clio Grow to monitor which leads have got in touch but haven’t yet become clients. Their admin team regularly gets in touch with these “cold leads”, checking the notes on their files and tweaking the firm’s messaging template (which is set up in Grow and ready to use at the click of a button) to enquire whether they still need any assistance with their matter.

“It’s incredible: About 50% of the cold leads that we contact will come back to us and say, ‘Sorry, we’ve been waiting on this or that—we’re now ready to proceed’. This simple tactic ensures we don’t miss out on potential clients that we might otherwise forget about.”

4. Simplifying client intake

Client intake might seem simple—but if you’re generating a never-ending stream of new leads, things can quickly get out of hand.

It’s virtually impossible to manage a constant influx of clients using pen-and-paper or Excel-based methods. Fortunately, Ubique Legal realised this early on, hence why they decided to run everything through Clio Grow. 

Clio Grow acts as a single source of truth for the entire firm. It allows them to share the load among the team, all helping to onboard clients effectively and efficiently, meaning nothing slips through the cracks. They can also easily monitor individual clients who they’re working with on multiple matters—for example, landlords with several properties. It also massively reduces the amount of time client intake takes. 

“Clio Grow gives us a single customer view but separates each of their matters. We can then sync this data to Clio Manage in one click, meaning our client intake process takes just 2 to 5 minutes on average. With such a small team, these time-savings are vitally important”.

5. Avoiding duplicate work

Unintended duplication of admin and other work can be hard to avoid, especially as law firms grow. It can lead to multiple members of a firm emailing the same client or doubling up on work. Here, Ubique uses Clio to avoid that.  

Clio Grow allows Ubique Legal’s team to monitor when their clients are being communicated to and what their colleagues are working on. They know who contacted each client, when, and pertaining to which matter. 

“Clio Grow eliminates duplicate work, which saves a ton of time. It also means we never have to go through the embarrassing experience of unintentionally sending a client two separate messages from two separate solicitors about the same subject.”

6. Clio Grow: Ubique Legal’s ‘baby’

Ubique Legal relies upon Clio Grow for the entirety of its marketing and client intake operations. The tool has shaped the firm, helping it to scale drastically—and in turn, Ubique Legal have customised Clio Grow to fit their exact needs. For example, Lara set up customised fields early on to encourage solicitors to dig into the details during client calls, capturing critical information that could be useful further down the line. 

This customisation has been so effective that Lara now refers to Clio Grow as the firms “baby”. But aside from taking advantage of the near-limitless customisation possibilities, what else would Ubique Legal recommend to other firms? 

“The first few weeks, when you’re getting used to the tool, might be a bit of a struggle—but make sure you’re patient and push through it. Believe me: Clio Grow’s incredibly easy-to-understand once you know how. Also, don’t be afraid to lean on Clio’s support team for help. They’re a fantastic resource!”

Clio being a core firm member

As co-founders, Lara and Aled understand that trust underscores all successful partnerships. Indeed, the Clio Suite (Clio Grow and Clio Manage) has played a vital role in helping the firm rapidly increase both its revenue and headcount.

“Clio is such a core part of our firm that we essentially consider it another one of our employees.”

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