Insolvency Case Management Software

Restructuring and insolvency lawyers know the importance of staying on top of their workloads. When every case is urgent, and every deadline important, attention to detail is paramount. 

If you’re looking for insolvency case management software, Clio is just what you need. Choose a legal software that can help insolvency solicitors and other practitioners of insolvency law take control of administrative functions, record time, and master your task list.

Clio features for insolvency law firms

Our legal case management software puts insolvency claims lawyers in the driver’s seat. It helps them onboard clients, manage documents, collaborate with colleagues, win cases, and get paid.

  • Document creation and management

    With Clio’s document automation, you can draft standard forms and motions in seconds. Spend your time and energy on devising creative solutions, not on creating generic forms.

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  • Matter management

    Access all your case and matter files on the go, 24/7, from whichever device is nearest.

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  • Collaboration

    Collaboration Thanks to Clio’s secure sharing capabilities, including the Clio for Clients portal, you can share key documents with your clients and colleagues while also maintaining access control at all times.

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  • Calendar

    Set reminders of upcoming deadlines, such as dates when you need to attend the Insolvency and Companies List. Focus on fee-earning work—not on calendaring.

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  • Billing

    Create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds, and keep your accounting up to date using deep integrations with Klyant, Xero, or QuickBooks Online. Bills and invoices sync seamlessly to your respective accounting software for faster workflows.

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  • Manage your workload

    Organise your case resolution processes with Clio’s task management software. Manage each step by status and owner: Upcoming, Overdue, and Completed tasks by User, Task Type, Client, and Matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is insolvency law software?

Insolvency law software is software that allows insolvency solicitors to focus on what they’re best at: helping their clients. Clio’s case management software can be used to make the practice of insolvency law simpler and more efficient: it provides insolvency lawyers with the complete toolkit to stay organised, hit deadlines, and win cases.

Insolvency solicitors can keep all key information in one secure portal: case documents, related contacts, upcoming deadlines, and outstanding tasks. These can be accessed on the go from your mobile. Even if you’re out of the office, you’ll never be out of the loop.

Insolvency software can even improve insolvency solicitors’ collection rates. With the ability to create customised invoices and set reminders for the practitioner and for clients.

With insolvency management software, solicitors can focus on insolvency law—not on administrative tasks.

Why should insolvency solicitors or other insolvency law practitioners use a cloud-based case management system?

A cloud-based case management system, like Clio’s, allows insolvency solicitors to be more efficient and more effective. 

With it, you can access crucial documents 24/7—whether CVAs, IVAs, or winding-up petitions—from a secure cloud-based portal. Clio’s case management software allows insolvency solicitors to manage every step of complex cases with precision. With it, you can securely collaborate with clients and colleagues thanks to a bank-grade encryption portal.

When you include the fact that Clio also integrates directly with popular accounting software and services, such Xero, QuickBooks Online, Klyant, and Cashroom, the question becomes: why wouldn’t insolvency solicitors use a cloud-based case management system?

How do I choose an insolvency case management software?

No two cases, or solicitors, are the same.  Commercial insolvency lawyers and personal insolvency lawyers have their own specific requirements. Similarly, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how insolvency solicitors should choose insolvency practitioner software.

But there are some good general rules to follow.

The best way for insolvency solicitors to identify the right insolvency management software for them is to draw up a list of what they routinely struggle with. This might be commercial insolvency case management, personal insolvency document creation, client onboarding, or billing. 

This will outline the capabilities that restructuring and insolvency lawyers need—which is the perfect starting point when considering new software.

But features alone aren’t the be-all and end-all. Top insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors understand that they will have an ongoing relationship with their insolvency software provider. This means that they need to choose a provider who has fantastic customer service—and who won’t stop trying to make their lives easier.

In other words, a provider like Clio. 

Is Clio's legal software built specifically for my practice area?

While Clio’s legal software is not built specifically for different practice types, regardless of what practice area you’re in, legal practitioners have much to benefit from when using legal case management software, such as Clio. This is because, with Clio, you can accomplish more—from one central place.

Not only will you be able to communicate effectively with clients from anywhere, Clio can also help keep your cases and documents organised. With Clio, you can do more fee-earning work, take the guesswork out of business decisions, and deliver the service your clients want.

With Clio Grow, Clio’s legal client relationship management (CRM) solution, you can attract and retain new clients online—even while working remotely. Clio Grow lets you automate your client intake process, schedule consultations online, and automate emails and redundant tasks.

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