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Corporate and commercial law firms are in the business of helping other organisations thrive. When it comes to better case management, Clio’s corporate law software helps law firms to do the same. With automated document generation, calendaring, mobile matter management, and integrated time tracking and billing, Clio is the case and contract management software that corporate law solicitors trust when they’re looking to build and grow their own firms.

Clio's corporate law software

Clio features for commercial and corporate law firms

See how Clio acts as a case management system and legal contract management software for corporate law firms.

  • Document Management

    Securely store all your corporate law files in one location for quick reference. By organising files by matter and client, Clio acts as a contract management software for the whole firm.

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  • Calendar

    Keep track of your whole commercial and corporate law firm’s schedule so nothing falls through the cracks. Set reminders of key dates and integrate with popular calendar softwares, including Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.

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  • Matter Management

    Contract lifecycle management and matter oversight doesn’t have to be hard. Use Clio as a cloud-based contract management software to store case and matter files in a centralised, online environment.

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  • Time Tracking

    Get a better oversight of your firm's utilisation rates and fee-earning time by recording every minute spent composing emails, drafting letters, and performing other fee-earning work. Easily track your time and expenses on any corporate law task and associate it to a client's matter.

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  • Integrations

    Connect with more best-in-class solutions—including Outlook, Google Apps, BundleDocs, HyperLaw, and DocuSign—than any other legal software. With 90+ UK integrations, Clio allows your commercial and/or corporate law firm to work in the best way for your firm's needs.

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  • Billing/Invoicing

    Corporate law solicitors and law firms deserve to get paid promptly for their hard work. With Clio’s corporate law software, corporate law solicitors can record every minute of billable time and create customised invoices to get paid faster.

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  • Legal Accounting

    Clio’s case management software, which includes a matter and contract management system, integrates with the most popular accounting software used by law firms: QuickBooks, Xero, Klyant, and the Cashroom.

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See how Clio works for this commercial & corporate London law firm

In this video, watch David Turney, one of Avery Law's two managing partners, discuss how Clio has been working for his commercial, corporate, and banking law boutique city law firm since 2015.

Commercial & Corporate Law Software FAQs

Why should corporate and commercial law firms use case management/contract management software?

Case management software and legal contract management software make contract lifecycle management easier than ever before. Corporate and commercial law firms become more organised, efficient, and accurate. 

This is especially important when handling complex corporate law matters, such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, or dispute resolutions. 

By using a legal contract management system, corporate law solicitors can focus their time and energy on handling their clients’ matters. No longer will they have to worry about finding misplaced documents, keeping on top of calendaring, or spending a lot of time on time recording and billing. 

What is the best contract management software for corporate lawyers?

There are a wide variety of contract management solutions on the market, so it can be hard to know where to begin. 

Generally speaking, however, commercial and corporate law firms may find huge benefit in using case management software, such as Clio’s, either as a standalone contract management software or together with their favourite other software solutions, such as DocuSign or BundleDocs, as it frees corporate law solicitors from low-value, time-consuming tasks. 

Using Clio’s legal case management software as a cloud-based contract management software, corporate law solicitors have an all-in-one portal for all key documents, communication logs, client information, and upcoming deadlines.

They don’t need to worry about admin or calendaring. Instead, they can focus 100% on achieving a successful outcome for their clients. 

What are the benefits for lawyers of using a cloud-based contract management software and case management system like Clio?

By using a leading cloud-based contract management software (like Clio), corporate law solicitors can increase their productivity, performance, and profitability.

With automated workflows, corporate law solicitors and all other law firm staff can make the client intake process as simple as possible. Clients’ information will be stored in individual client profiles. Corporate law solicitors can then pull from these details to instantly prepare critical documents in seconds.

Never again will corporate law solicitors have to worry about document management. Key documents are automatically stored in a secure, cloud-based portal—these can be accessed whenever, from wherever.

Corporate lawyers can also integrate their contract management software and case management system with a range of other tools, including contract software such as Spectacles, Leaflet, and Dealcloser. This allows them to create automated tech ecosystems that reduce unnecessary manual effort. 

With more time to focus on their clients’ matters, corporate and commercial law solicitors will be more successful—and their practice will become more profitable. 

Put contract management solutions to the test within your own firm and see the benefits for yourself. 

How do I use corporate law software to manage my matters?

With corporate law software, corporate solicitors can stay on top of their matters with ease. Contract lifecycle management will become a value-driver, rather than a time and energy-sapper. 

Every piece of information—whether court filings or information about shareholders’ rights—is stored in a single place. Never again will corporate law solicitors have to waste time digging around for the right document that’s been left in the wrong place. 

With matter management automatically taken care of, corporate law solicitors can do what they do best: helping their clients. 

It’s time for your firm to give commercial contract management software a go.

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