Legal Document Management Software

Get unlimited document and file storage that you can access from any device. Remove the need for paper to save physical space, reduce office clutter, and avoid hands-on filing with Clio’s legal document management software.

File, edit, and store your legal documents with Clio.

Clio Legal Document Management Software
  • Store an unlimited number of documents and files in Clio

    Save text, image, audio, and video files with the benefit of unlimited storage, and know they are automatically backed up and can be bulk-exported at any time.

  • Produce legal documents instantly

    Save yourself hours by preparing legal documents in seconds. Create templates that will pull contact, case, and other Custom Fields information automatically.

  • Find what you need instantly

    Use Clio’s Global Search to retrieve a document based on terms in the title, text, or metadata. Filter and sort files by custom categories, folders, authors, and dates. Navigate and preview files from nested matter and contact folders on your desktop.

Intuitive file management from your desktop

Use Clio’s collection of desktop solutions to quickly and easily manage your files.
Available on Windows and Mac.

Clio's document management solutions
  • Work seamlessly between your desktop and the cloud with Clio Drive

    Create, access, and share your matter-related files right from your desktop and securely sync them to Clio using our virtual drive experience. No need to download or reupload.

  • Open files from the web for easy document editing

    Use Clio Launcher to easily open files from your web app into programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and more. Any updates you make will be saved on your desktop and in the cloud.

  • Scan physical documents into Clio

    Use the Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan physical documents directly into Clio—and take advantage of the convenience of paperless document management.

Collaborate easily with your team and clients

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  • Make accessing documents easy for clients

    With a few clicks, share documents with clients and colleagues using our fully encrypted and secure client portal, Clio for Clients. Set permissions to limit access to those authorised. Email Clio files directly from your desktop.

  • Get documents signed electronically

    Review, prepare, and send out documents for signature by email. Eliminate the hassle of downloading, printing, or scanning as signed documents get automatically and securely saved in Clio.

  • Track document changes

    See who has edited a document, when they made a change, and the changes they made. Open the file in your document editing software or preview it right in Clio.

  • Sync documents with any tool you use

    View, edit, and save documents directly from Clio to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, NetDocuments, and Google Drive. Save emails and attachments from Outlook or Gmail to specific matters.

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