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Streamline your billing with Clio’s full-featured billing workflow—from accurate time recording to customisable invoices. Take end-of-month billing from days to minutes and ensure you get paid faster with Clio.

Make billing easier for you, and your clients

Clio Manage Simplified UI
  • Bill securely from anywhere, at any time

    Create and approve bills on the go, automatically apply interest to late payments, and send bills via our secure client portal, Clio Connect. With everything your firm needs in one place, legal billing is quick and painless. Getting bills out fast means getting paid quicker.

  • Simplify accounting with automatic updates

    Keep your accounting up to date using deep integrations with Klyant, Xero, or QuickBooks Online. Bills and invoices sync seamlessly to your respective accounting software for faster workflows. Clio’s legal aid case management software for lawyers in England and Wales will also help to make claims to the Legal Aid Agency quicker, easier, and more accurate.

  • Ensure accuracy in every bill that goes out

    Use Clio’s built-in approval system to review bills and invoices generated by anyone at your firm. Get notified about newly generated invoices, easily make adjustments, and approve or delete them with one click.

Bill the way you want

  • Create clean and reusable bill templates

    Create beautiful invoice templates with bill themes—and bill faster by automating format, style, currency, and more. Go a step further with Payment Profiles to control default due dates, grace periods, and automated interest charges.

  • Create customised billing plans

    Bill clients based on hourly rates, fixed fees, or on a contingency basis. Do what makes sense for you and your clients.

  • Create branded invoices

    Create professional, easy-to-read invoices with your firm logo. Offer greater transparency by including aggregated or expanded activity lists and detailed statements of accounts.

Get better insight into firm finances

  • View, organise, and share outstanding balances with clients

    See the status of all your unpaid bills in one tab, and in a single click, prompt clients to pay their invoices.

  • Report on detailed account information

    Create a Statement of Accounts to summarise client billing histories and outstanding balances. Filter reports by client, fee earner, date, and account type.

  • Manage firm finances easily

    Generate clear billing reports to make managing firm finances simple and effective. Report on aging receivables, matter balances, client billing history, and more.

  • Track your reimbursable expenses (disbursements & expenses)

    Identify exact costs and record reimbursable expenses to maintain accurate financial records and simplify monthly reconciliations.

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