Personal Injury Practice Management Software

Using Clio for their personal injury practice management software needs gives personal injury lawyers the complete toolkit they need to focus on achieving victory for their clients.

With integrated contingency billing, time tracking and invoicing on the go, document and matter management, and calendaring, personal injury solicitors can spend more time on serving their clients—less on admin that eats valuable time.

Personal injury practice management software

Clio features for personal injury lawyers

Choose a personal injury law firm software that makes case management a breeze.

  • Stay on top of case details

    Store key case and matter files in a secure and centralised cloud-based portal. Gain insights on matter timelines at a glance and quickly take action on matters that need attention. Sync Clio Manage with your Outlook or Gmail account. File emails from insurance companies, medical providers, or clients directly to cases.

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  • Securely store your documents and access them from anywhere

    Securely store all your personal injury law firm’s files in one location for quick reference.

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  • Track your time and expenses with ease

    Easily track your time and expenses on any personal injury law task and associate it to a client's matter.

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  • Create and send bills with a few clicks

    Personal injury lawyers can create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds. Choose from hourly, fixed-fee, or contingency basis billing options.

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  • Integrate with your preferred client accounting system

    Clio's personal injury software integrates with the most popular accounting software used by law firms: Quickbooks, Xero, Klyant, and the Cashroom.

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  • Stay on top of your calendar

    Keep track of your whole personal injury law firm’s schedule so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Attract, onboard, and retain more personal injury case clients

Save time and increase client retention using Clio Manage, Clio's case management software, together with Clio’s client relationship management solution, Clio Grow (available as part of Clio Suite).

  • Customise your intake forms

    Tailor online client intake forms towards your different types of personal injury cases, such as workplace injuries, compensation claims, road traffic accidents, negligence, and medical malpractice cases with customisable intake forms. Give personal injury clients the option of completing the intake process from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere else) with online intake.

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  • Automate your communication

    Use Clio Grow, Clio’s client relationship management solution, available as part of Clio Suite, to send out automated, personalised messages to all new clients outlining what they can expect from the personal injury law process and explaining key billing details.

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  • Send and receive regular updates

    Provide periodic updates as personal injury law cases progress. Securely send and receive sensitive documents within your personal injury software, including medical records. Allow clients and key case contacts to check for updates on a case thanks to Clio’s secure online portal.

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  • Know where clients are coming from

    When you use Clio’s CRM Clio Grow together with Clio Manage as your personal injury case management software, you gain access to a marketing campaign tracker that shows you exactly what advertising avenues are netting you the best clients.

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Personal injury law software FAQs

Why should personal injury solicitors use a cloud-based case management system?

Personal injury law cases can be complex and detail-heavy. Personal injury solicitors have the pressure of meeting with clients who are experiencing a difficult times, pore over a wealth of documentation for any one case, and have to routinely deal with defendants as well as their insurance companies. 

Fortunately, Clio’s personal injury law firm case management software can help.

With customisable intake forms, accessible from anywhere, whether a client is at home or in hospital, you can spend more time building client relationships and less time onboarding them successfully. 

Clio’s all-in-one, cloud-based system also means that personal injury solicitors can store all key documents and contact details in a single source of truth. This information will always be accessible, whether they’re at home, in the office, or in court. 

Never again will personal injury lawyers misplace a key medical report or lose the details of a defendant’s insurance policy. 

When you add Clio’s calendar management, automated communication (available as part of Clio’s CRM solution, Clio Grow), and billing capabilities into the mix, the question becomes: why wouldn’t personal injury solicitors use a cloud-based case management system?

What is personal injury practice management software?

Personal injury practice management software is software that allows personal injury lawyers to spend less time on low-value tasks and more time helping their clients win their cases.

Client onboarding is reduced down to a single step with Clio Grow, Clio’s legal CRM solution. Key information is collected once and then applied throughout document-intensive personal injury law workflows. Firm management becomes simpler. 

In short, personal injury practice management software unites everything that personal injury lawyers do in one single place.

What are the benefits of personal injury practice management software?

Personal injury practice management software makes personal injury law firms more productive, more profitable, and it enhances their performance. 

No longer do personal injury solicitors have to waste precious time on low-value administrative tasks, particularly if working on a no-win, no-fee or another contingency basis. Instead, thanks to personal injury practice management software, they can simply set up automated workflows.

The time that personal injury solicitors used to spend on admin can now be spent on case-winning work—or on meeting with their clients in person. 

This increases the likelihood that personal injury lawyers will achieve a successful outcome for their clients. 

As a result of this increased productivity and performance, personal injury law firms will unlock greater profitability—and will have happier clients. 

How do personal injury law firms choose personal injury practice management software?

Personal injury firms need to zero in on what they need from personal injury practice management software.

Do their personal injury solicitors need to spend time onboarding clients, digging around for documents, or managing their calendar? 

Or do they need to spend time thinking creatively about their clients’ cases, poring over all key information, and meeting with their clients?

If it’s the latter (which it is for the vast majority of personal injury law firms), then they need to choose a personal injury practice management software that handles the former. 

In other words, a personal injury law firm software like Clio.

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