Legal Aid

Designed for—and with the assistance of—UK legal aid solicitors, Clio’s legal aid case management software makes it easier and quicker for English and Welsh firms to manage and claim for legal aid work directly with the Legal Aid Agency, even on the go, via the Clio Mobile App for Lawyers.

  • A legal aid case management software that works as hard as you do

    As a legal aid solicitor, you don’t have time to waste on a legal aid case management software that doesn’t work to your needs.

    That’s why Clio has developed a quicker, more accurate, and affordable solution for legal aid solicitors in England and Wales.

    Watch this video to see Clio’s legal aid matter management and billing feature in action.

Legal Aid UK Billing Submission
  • Faster end-of-month legal aid billing

    You no longer need to rush to get your legal aid invoicing ready for upload to the CWA portal at month’s end. Clio’s matter management and billing features for legal aid solicitors in England and Wales is designed to take hours—even days—off the legal aid billing process.

  • Save time with in-app lookups of legal aid rates and codes

    With Clio, you no longer need to spend hours trying to locate legal aid codes in PDFs with hundreds of rows—they're already in Clio. Find and assign legal aid rates in an instant right from within the matter, for your civil or criminal legal aid matters. With Clio’s mobile app, you can even capture details from your phone, whether visiting a client in custody, commuting to meetings, or while you’re waiting in court.

  • Never miss a legal aid threshold again

    Built-in notifications ensure that you will never accidentally exceed a legal aid threshold again. Easy-to-read dashboards also mean that you never miss the opportunity to apply for escape fees and can clearly see when to move a matter to the next stage.

  • Sarah Rogers

    In the past, billing could take me days.

    But with Clio, legal aid billing is just so much easier. The dashboard allows me to see everything at a glance and to see that everything is correct.

    Sarah Rogers,

    Immigration Advice Centre, Middlesbrough, England

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Clio’s legal aid feature is designed for legal aid solicitors in England and Wales, including:

  • Legal Aid:
    Criminal Controlled
  • Legal Aid:
    Civil Controlled
  • Legal Aid:
    Civil Certificated
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Case study: How one immigration law firm uses Clio

Clio’s legal aid solution has changed how one English immigration firm manages their legal aid matters. In our case study, Sarah Rogers, founder and director of the Immigration Advice Centre, explains why she’s chosen Clio as her legal aid case management software.

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See Clio’s legal aid software in action

Clio’s legal aid case management software is an affordable and time-saving solution for legal aid solicitors. See how this solution helps UK solicitors to simplify invoices and submit accurate claims that meet the Legal Aid Agency’s legal aid requirements.

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