Greater Accuracy, Quicker Billing: How Clio Supports This English Legal Aid Firm

For legal aid providers, when it comes to managing legal aid cases and accurately invoicing the Legal Aid Agency, there’s no room for error. Choosing a legal aid case management system that works to your firm’s needs is essential. 

As a busy immigration and asylum law firm offering legal aid, the Immigration Advice Centre needed software that was easy to use, affordable, and designed with the needs of legal aid firms in mind. 

Legal Aid EMEA Legal Aid Case Study

How one English law firm found an affordable, reliable legal aid solution

With two decades of experience in immigration law and legal aid, founder and director of the Immigration Advice Centre Sarah Rogers knew that she needed software that she could rely on. 

Having been left disappointed by other providers and solutions, Sarah wanted a better way to do legal aid—one that would save the firm time and money and allow them to work more efficiently.  

In this case study, discover how the Immigration Advice Centre used Clio’s legal aid case management software* to better manage their legal aid case work, complying with legal aid regulations, and monitor legal aid thresholds.

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*Clio’s legal aid case management software is available to firms providing criminal controlled, civil controlled, and civil certificated legal aid services in England and Wales.