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Clio's practice management software for mid-sized and large law firms

Impact that speaks for itself

  • 100%growth in team size


    20+ Staff
  • 50%increase in revenue


    20+ Staff
  • 75%time savings on client intake

    Avery Law

    20+ Staff

Meeting your firm's diverse needs

Improve Operations

Take control of firm operations, boost growth, and improve client satisfaction through tools that optimise processes and streamline workflows:

Grow matter pipeline animation.
  • Accelerate client intake
  • Manage documents
  • Get paid faster
  • Integrate your favourite tools
  • Automate client communications
  • Access case files and information from anywhere
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Enhance Productivity

Optimise billable work, outpace competition, seamlessly integrate Clio into your tech stack, and create an environment that fosters success for your team:

Manage case management animation.
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Capture accurate time entries
  • Access court calendars
  • Collaborate on tasks
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Increase Visibility

Gain insight into firm performance, revenue, expenses, employee productivity, and sales so you can:

Manage dashboard.
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Monitor case progression
  • Predict staff availability and case budgets
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  • Robust integrations with leading tools, Clio Legal Practice Management Software

    Robust integrations with leading tools

    Clio integrates effortlessly with the tools you already use, providing you with a cohesive ecosystem to support your firm's unique needs. From accounting software to document management tools and more, our integrations make sure you can leverage the power of Clio alongside your preferred applications seamlessly.

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  • Clio's seamless migration and premium support for mid-sized and large law firms

    Seamless migration and premium support

    Reliable and secure

    Clio provides a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee and keeps your data compliant with industry standards.

    Guided onboarding

    From consultation to onboarding, your solutions engineering and data migrations teams will get you set up for success.

    Award-winning support

    Leverage unlimited assistance from an in-house team of support representatives, available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

    Learn About Moving to Clio Learn About our Award-Winning Support
  • Clio, Partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales | Approved supplier of the Law Society of Scotland.

    Clio is working in partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales and is an approved supplier of the Law Society of Scotland.

It's time to make the move to Clio

With Clio as your partner, you can be confident that we will continue to invest in your success and help your firm thrive in the ever-changing legal landscape. Get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between law practice management software and case management software?

Case management and practice management are two sides of the same coin. Case management software is a platform where all case-related information (such as deadlines, evidence, witnesses, documents and more) are stored, managed, and accessed.

Practice management software, on the other hand, provides everything that case management software does, plus has additional features and benefits from a business owner's perspective. It includes features that support the entire client lifecycle, from intake and matter management to billing, collections and firm-wide reporting. There are vendors who will lean more towards the firm management aspect over the case management side of things. However, both are very important for a successful law firm.

Does Clio's legal practice management software have client intake software for large and mid sized legal firms?

Clio offers a flexible intake system for law firms and clients. With Clio, you can:

  • Go paperless and eliminate tedious data entry when you create and share customized online intake forms with ease.
  • See the status of all incoming clients because no matter what source potential clients reach you from, their information shows up automatically in your Lead Inbox.
  • Book consultations with ease with Clio Scheduler and accept instant online payments for appointments with Clio Payments (available in the UK).
  • Quickly check for duplicate clients and conflicts of interest and improve your client intake process based on data.
  • Move clients through the client intake process efficiently by automating the creation of to-do lists, documents, and emails—digitally, with visibility across your firm.
  • Get e-signatures on retainer agreements.
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Does Clio have an online payment system for large and mid sized law firms?

Clio provides legal practice management and payments in one easy system for mid-sized and large firms based in the UK. Clio's easy-to-use payment processing solution empowers you to accept client payments by debit and credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and Pay by Bank transfer. It's built-in, meaning you never have to worry about switching between systems to manage billing and payments workflows. We charge simple and transparent transaction fees that provide greater predictability.

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Can I talk to someone to learn more about Clio?

Absolutely! Schedule a call with one of our practice management software consultants to get all your questions about Clio answered.